Friday, August 17, 2007

So ordinary, yet...

My sister, Steph, already knows I'm the crazy sister, so she shouldn't be surprised that I am posting the picture of us in our wax lips. I just love that family time in my family involves lots of smiles, always good food, simple times- like swimming, going to a local zoo, shopping together and just doing ordinary things. I love that we can be ourselves and make memories at the same time.
I have been looking through a ton of pictures that I took while we were home in Minnesota, and I have to say, we are just an ordinary family...but I am so happy that 'ordinary' still adds up to such a great time for us. We don't have fancy cars or boats or glamorous homes or private beaches or big porches with giant swings to curl up in and enjoy the breeze, but I have to say, I love that we still enjoy life and appreciate the little, important things.
Things like being together.
Laughing at ourselves, our memories, our latest achievements, and loving the present moment.
Here's to simple things in life.
Simple things that make each day a treasure to behold.
I love that my sister Steph went along with my wax lips and posed with me this day...just to document one of these simple moments in life. She never would have done this on her it makes me happy that she did something fun for me and with me. A silly memory that will last a long time.
What are some simple things that make you happy in your own ordinary life? I'd love to hear some of your favorite moments- big or small. =) Happy Friday...happy making ordinary, fond memories!


Regina said...

"bathroom conferences"

Whenever my siblings and I get together (6 of us - not as frequently as we would like) we inevitably start talking about joint holiday gifts for Mom and Dad -and the safest place to confer is in the bathroom. So all 6 of us pile in this tiny bathroom and lock the door - sometimes when one sibling is absent we call from a cell phone and conference them in.

So "lets go to the bathroom" has a whole 'nother meaning in my family!

Shelly/Michelle said...

When I hear my 5 month old daughter wake up at 5am, I inevitably grumble -- wishing for another hour of sleep. But then I get to her crib, and she's lying there smiling and cooing to herself, and there's just no better way to start any day! All my life I've waited for those moments, and they really couldn't get any better!

MsGrace said...

I love the time I spend tucking my children in. I often curl up next to them & they whisper secrets about their day to me.

I must admit I have been just reading your blog for quite some time. I find it very inspirational. It really helps me to keep gratitude in my life. Thank you.