Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Scrappin' and summertime!

There is this thing going on at our house- that realization that summer is almost over and we need to pack in some major fun! It's not that I haven't had anything to post or write about. On the contrary. But knowing that in just one week life will be back to a routine and schedule that won't allow for such spontaneous fun and freedom has changed the focus and priorities at home just a bit.
Fortunately the weather forecasters must understand and sense such urgency, because the temperatures have been hot the past few days and the sun has been shining. We capitalized on such weather all day yesterday...splashing and playing and taking in all the fun that dollar ring tubes and sidewalk chalk can inspire. =) There were lots of opportunities for picture-taking...although I didn't even get any of the orange push-ups that dripped all over the smiling faces of my kids when it was time to cool off. You see fewer pictures of Wyndham than the other kids, because she prefers to sit in the shade and watch the fun happen from her comfy vantage point. Although as soon as my memory stick was full, she did come out and sat in the kiddie pool and splashed and played with her sisters. Maybe she was just waiting for the right time. =)
Sunday night we had the privilege of enjoying the company of our friends-for-life, the Willetts. Chip made his famous ribs...and we ate and talked and our kids sang and danced to High School Musical cds the whole time.
There is something so special about being in the company of people you love so much, just talking and playing guitar; singing along outdoors and realizing that God has blessed you abundantly with the gift of friendship. I hope they enjoyed their time as much as we did. Even if they didn't have as much fun as us, I know they enjoyed dessert....Chip's Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee. Everyone's ramekin dish was nearly licked was that tasty!
In all my 'free time', I've been doing a bit of scrapping {the peek you see here is in full at my SIS gallery if you click this link...}, lots of cleaning and organizing of my scrap stuff, and feeling grateful that creativity can be something as simple as playing with pictures and scrap products. If you haven't done so yet, and even if you're not a scrapper, I invite you to stop by the SIStv website and just take a peek at what's going on over there. There is so much- from message boards with various topics- many scrap related, but some just sharing favorite recipes or reminiscing about songs from the 70's and 80's. You never know what you might find, or who you might connect with- no matter the time of day. It's a fun, non-threatening, fun place to meet and enjoy 'doing life' with others.
I hope you're summer is wrapping up with lots of energy and excitement. Even if there is stress in your life at such a time, I challenge you to put one or two 'pressing things' on hold...and create a moment of two of joy. Go out for one last ice cream cone. Take a long walk near a park or lake. Grab a camera and snap some random photos of your kids as they ride their bikes or eat watermelon. These are the days to hold on to. The ones that someone is going to look back and remember as childhood memories. Or if they're YOUR memories, you will simply be glad you took the time to breathe, enjoy and soak in. That's what makes life so wonderful. The everyday moments that we elevate to cherished memories become the events that make life worth living. Appreciating them and celebrating them as they happen is a bonus gift along the way!


shannon said...

Hi - I read a while ago that your son had to have a haircut and it sounded like you wanted it short. Is that right? Just curious.

Kimberly said...

This was such a fun read...and LOVE all these great shots! I have never known about SIS before and WHAT a coolio place that I am completely hooked thanks to you girl!
OK...and, you now have your hands on my banana cookie recipe...I now need your Chip's Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee recipe!!! How could you possibly know that this is my ALL time favorite desert? I am quite certain that these friends of yours enjoyed a lot more than just your desert as well, because you are just the sweetest ever! xoxo

MsGrace said...

I can so realte to the feeling of summer coming to an end & cramming in the fun!

Fabulous pictures!


Dena said...

the end of summer looks like fun at your house!!! what a way to say see ya!

FlipFlop Mom said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh I love the pics.. beautiful.. and Highschool Musical... I had to laugh.. cause I just told my son today that he HAD to get me the Highschool Musical Birthday card that played music.. no exceptions.. LOL LOL LOL... He thinks I'm a kid... Ü

mimisherry said...

WOW! You are always so incredibly inspirational and positive, so refreshing! I love your attitude and insight, which came at a huge price...but you did have a choice and you have chosen to do great things with your life! I love your mothering....going out (from summer) with a bang looks like a fun new tradition, so much fun! I am an empty nester and always enjoyed doing those kinds of things with my little ones. Be encouraged that these days are fleeting...even the real long ones, will be mere precious memories in no are doing the right thing to ENJOY every bit of it now! Blessings to you! Sherry