Saturday, August 18, 2007

Commercial break.

This is what we did during one of the commercial breaks last night in the middle of "High School Muscial 2"...a self-timer photo shoot in the masterbath. The light is best in there at night. In addition we could listen to hear when the show was about to come back on. So we didn't miss a thing.
Good times.
I am dreading the back-to-school bedtimes already.
This late-night "party-ing" is just so much fun!


Christine said...

Jody, you are so funny :) You and your kids hanging in the bathroom shooting photos during a commercial break. Luv it. Just makes me laugh. I like how spontaneous this moment is..even small moments can create big memories.

Anne Marie said...

From moments big and small, I love the message of hope, inspiration, and love that is in your posts -- bringing people closer to God. It makes me sad that my imperfect self is not as disciplined as I'd like to focus on God more than I do, but I am so thankful for the reminders I find in your blog. Rock on, sister!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one here who thinks that Brock's long hair is really strange and just too much like his girly feminine sisters? What is the deal? Jody, come on honey, he's the other man in the family!!!Step up, Chip!

Eminepala said...

amazing pictures jody... You really look like a warm family.. I found your blog through jo-anne.. she wrote some amazing things about you and I couldn't resist to come and say hi

Emine Pala

Eminepala said...

Oh btw: I think your little guy looks terrific ;) And ofcourse your little girl

ahna brandvik logan said...

You have the most gorgeous children! What a fun moment to remember - the family photo booth/bathroom.

Jody said...

Funny, anonymous, that you mention Brock's hair. He actually LOVES it long and wanted to keep growing it out. But school is about to start and he had to get it cut. Yesterday. SO, don't worry about his hair...really, in the scheme of things there are a lot more important issues in life. As for Chip...he likes shorter hair on guys- but let Brock have his way for summer.
Seems he was being a supportive dad- and strong, if you ask me. To let Brock have longer hair and his way for a time- instead of simply imposing his preferences on Brock. That to me shows more love and 'stepping it up' than simply using power and position. A good lesson for all of us- even if it is just hair.
Thanks for sparking another insight here on Nitty.Gritty. I appreciate the thoughts.

jackie carl said...

Question for someone (anyone) who reads Jody's blog.....

OK,I hate to admit this, after reading all the posts from this blog and several from other blogs, about the new Disney movie, High School Musical 2, but I have not seen the first one, nor did I see HS2 over the week-end.
We don't have the Disney channel.
But, after all the hype about HS2, I thought I would go out & buy HS1.Thought I would watch it, then buy 2 when it comes out. I didn't want to be missing out on something good.

So, went confused.
They had 2 versions of HS1.
One was entitled the Remix version.
The other was entitled the Encore version.

The question.....Can someone help me to know which version to buy ? Does it matter ?

Thanks so much,
Jackie Carl

Dena said...

GREAT GREAT PICTURES! How fun and precious!!!