Saturday, May 19, 2007

Want to think a little bit?

If so, go here. Ponder it. I did. I love it when blogging makes me think. Indeed.


SandiWDZNI said...

While I enjoy your posts every day, I think you really went out on a limb there to leave such a lengthy and detailed comment.

Some people might not understand things the way you do. I don't know.

But anyway, nice find!

Lisa B. from Virginia said...

I think your comment will be appreciated by that blogger. I was rather blown away by both his blog entry and your reply. And I was prompted to read more of his blog, and I bookmarked it for further reading. There are more entries besides the one you replied to that cause you to think, and he is an excellent poet as well.

I only recently began reading your blog. I think I followed a link to it when reading a reply you wrote on Sheye Rosemeyer's blog. It's funny how one link leads to another to another. The first blogs I read were scrapbooking-related, but so many links on scrapbookers' sites point to others that are artistic or inspirational.

I basically just want to say that I enjoy your blog, and I enjoyed this post today.

karin said...

Hi Jody!
Ever since i've visited your blog the first time (long time ago) i always think about you and your family, and the tragedy you had to overcome! Just want to thank you for being an inspiration to others!
take care
from the sunniest South Africa

elizabeth said...

great post by jason and great reply by you :)

i occasionally read jason's blog, too. we used to attend his church (in lowell, mi). he's a great speaker and musician. i always left church on sundays with plenty to think about.

Anonymous said...

You did ask if we wanted to think. I just didn't realize how in depth you meant! Thanks for this link. A good read. As someone else put it here- both his AND yours. I appreciate that you encourage others through blogging. Myself included. A faithful reader...

Anonymous said...

I too enjoyed reading both his entry and your reply.I have been reading your blog for a few months,but have never commented.Your story and the joy you have in the "everyday" things is so inspirational to me.Your faith is such an encouragement to so many people!!I feel like I know your family...I am also enjoying SISTV!

Janna said...

That was awesome! And so was your comment that you left for him.

I thought it was interesting because I know the guy (Micah) whom he was sitting and talking with that day. He used to be the worship leader at my church (Central Wesleyan) until he and a few other families from CW decided to branch off and start their own small church, engedi. It was a calling they followed that has proven to be a huge blessing to the community! Small world. :)

pineconegirl said...

Thank you so much for your honesty and willingness to share.
It was great brain food.