Friday, May 18, 2007

Be thankful to someone...

I am sitting outside as I write this. The sun is shining, the breeze is warm, my girls are dressed with ribbons in their hair, and we just enjoyed their preschool program to wrap up their school year. {Poor Brock is the one home today not feeling well...but even with an upset stomach he's still in a fairly good mood.} At the program (I will post pics later...Chip has the camera right now) Wyndham stood up with her class and was a little bit shy with the surroundings and all the parents and cameras, but she stayed in her spot and even smiled a couple of times and did a few hand actions to the songs they sang. She even had the right hand over her heart while they did the pledge of allegiance to the flag. Bella had hers mixed up, but she did get all the words right. =) They were so cute up there... smiling and waving to Chip, Ava and me; Bella even blew us kisses.
The teachers hand out 'character awards' to each of the children in the highlight what they consider to be each child's strength.
Chip and I were anxious to see what they picked for our two girls. He joked that Bella's would be 'stubborness'...or the ability to hold her ground. Do you know what she got? She got the award for love. Her teachers said that almost everday of preschool she told them how much she loved them (again...Chip is thinking she's brown-nosing early on, I on the otherhand see how much she really IS learning from me! {wink}) and she would give kisses to them and her friends on occasion too.
Wyndham, last year, received the award for joyfulness. They said she never had a 'down day'...always happy to do whatever it was that the class was doing. They nearly gave her that same award this year...but then realized she'd already gotten that one. So, second on her list was the award for persistence! How timely is that on the heels of my earlier post this week! I'm telling you, I am surrounded by my kids who teach me lessons within the walls of my very own home every single day. I am blessed indeed. Wyndham's character award just warmed my heart. To see that I'm not just saying that she's persistent and an inspiration to me...but that others can see it in her too. That is a beautiful thing.
I hope that all my kids keep working and growing toward realizing their full potential and that their characters just blossom in all they do. Even in the tough stuff of life. ESPECIALLY in the challenges of life. That's where character is best rooted, I believe.
So, as I sit in the warmth of the sun and enjoy open-air spring blogging {have I mentioned how much I LOVE wireless internet...I do!!} and reflect on the gifts that God has given to me, in the form of my kids and the people they are becoming, my heart is full and once again, I find myself unworthy of such blessing. Totally undeserved. Absolutely humbling. And really, it just makes me want to give back to the world somehow.
Today is Friday- garbage day on my block. I have some freshly made Rice Krispy Treats plated up with a little note attached to them which reads, "We appreciate what you do~ Thanks!". I plan to give them to the garbage man in just a few moments when he makes his stop at my house. It's a small gesture. But it's a little something I can do in this moment, home with my kids, with a heart that wants to give more.
I know that many of you live blessed lives too. Out of the overflow of that, I encourage you to be thankful; act on that and be thankful to someone, and spread a little bit of love wherever you are at this very moment in time.


Nina_VK said...

WOW!! I have been reading your blog, but I don't think I ever left a comment. But this post really was amazing. Thanks for the inspiration. I will be thankful to someone for sure!
have a great day!!

~Lea~ said...

What a beautiful post today, and I can't wait to see those pics of their show!

Hope you have a wonderful day Jody!!

Maija said...

That is so sweet - I want to be in pre-school again!

So, Miss Jody, I read on your profile on the SIS page that you have never had a pedicure!! You absolutely must do it - it makes a great girlfriends date. I thought for years that is was silly to pay someone to paint my toenails - but once I had one, I realized it was such a special treat. At the place I go to, you have a million colors to choose from, and they will even do your toes with different colored striped or tiny little flowers if you want! One friend even got music notes, as she was going to a music festival for her vacation. They have these amazing massage chairs you sit in, and soak your feet in a tub. At my place, they even dip your feet in hot paraffin (it reminds me of covering my hands with glue as a kid) & give you a foot/leg massage. Really, it is such a great treat & you have fun wearable art to take w/you! I hope I've convinced you :)

Linda said...

I have been reading your blog for several weeks now. You inspire me every time! I think I just took my life for granted. You have made me realize that I am so blessed and lucky. Thanks for the great post today!

tammy said...

Hiya Jody~
It sounds like you have had a busy yet fun week! Thanks for sharing the SISTv Site. I won Courneys RAK! Can you believe it!? =) And I was the very first person to leave a message on the "welcome board"! Don't you think that is worth something too? lol It is a very fun and informative site and am thankful that I know it exists.
On a different note, I thought about you guys this week when I went to Jo-Burg to my daughter's track meet and went around the corner where "The Old Depot" sits (now much further from the road). I hadn't been by there since I have been coming to your blog and learning about Teagan. Needless to say I had many thoughts as I rounded that corner realizing that that was the very spot where your family was changed forever. It made my heart heavy but also made me think about how one split second can change a family forever and we shouldn't take anything for granted. I appreciate all of the thoughts you share and the inspiration that you give.
God bless.
~Tammy Up North~

Mixed Up Me said...

Congratulations to Wyndham and Bella on their awards! I hope Brock is feeling better. I hope you had a great day!

Okay, so, I don't mean to be eavesdropping on your other comments . . .but, you just have to go get a pedicure!! There is nothing like it on a day when you just need one hour of quiet time!

Go do it, let us know how it goes :) It would make a great scrap page!!

Cynthia said...

Giving rice krispy treats to the garbage guys? What a great idea! Mind if I steal it?

Thanks, Jody, you are such a blessing!

FlipFlop Mom said...

WOW.. this post tonight gives me a LOT to think about.. and more to say than I thought I would.. but then again. that's never hard for me!!!

Today.. a good friend graduated from college.. so my husband and I bought all the food for the party and I stayed and prepared it.. three hours later and two apple pies and the BEST spinach and artichoke dip ever.. I was finished setting up.. He and his wife's reaction.. you would have thought I brought them to Disney.. LOL LOL...

I've never had a pedicure either.. but.. hmmm I think I just might take a special girl friend and possibly go do that tomorrow!!!

I am totally NOT surprised Wyndam got the award of Love... she's a doll.. and I can't wait to see the pics... I'm a picture girl.. for sure!!

Kimberly said...

You so INSPIRE! Your are truly a BEAUTIFUL woman inside and out...thank you so much for sharing and all your writing! xoxo

rustic roots said...

Keep it coming girl! Every time I stop by this spot I'm refreshed and my spirit is renewed. I'll be sure to try and spread the love to as many as I can!

Enjoy your weekend :)

Anonymous said...

I love that you give the garbage man treats!

Tricia Mc

susan opel said...

I love that you are thanking the garbage men! Great idea!

PS - Way glad for the wireless thing, too!