Thursday, March 08, 2007

Nitty.Gritty. at the movies!

Hey! I'm here, but only long enough to say I went to the movies tonight! As in a real date...just hubby and me. I have not been to a movie at the theater since the movie "Passion of Christ" or "Along Came Polly"...whichever came out last. I don't recall; it's been a long time.
The movie? Music and Lyrics. We both get a kick out of Hugh Grant's sarcasm (and I happen to like his accent too), and Drew Barrymore is just a fun actress to watch on the screen. I can relate to her 'freestyle' and I think she really "gets what life is about" at times. So, we actually liked the movie...which makes me not feel so bad about the cost of a movie ticket these days. The price of admission and a bucket of popcorn and soda was the most surprising thing to me about our whole evening out. {We skipped the snacks and saved some cash...Chip must love that I'm a cheap date compared to our early days of dating. =)}
The fact that I didn't get a camera to take pics of me at the movie so that I could scrap a page about it later is the second most surprising thing to happen all night. Third was that all the kids were sleeping by the time we got home- before 10pm.
I think I forgot how much I like surprises! Even if I forgot my camera and we spent some hard-earned cash, it was a good date...and totally worth the money because of the memories we made.


Anonymous said...

Last movie I saw was Music and Lyrics and I agree that it was a "kick" to watch. The chemistry between the actors probably made it enjoyable.
A "good" date with your mate is always a better than "good" investment. I highly recommend it. I once heard a couple who'd been married a significant number of years, had a couple of kids, who proudly stated they'd never left their kids with a sitter to go on a date! My DH and I were horrified!!!! Couples "NEED" to invest into their relationship BECAUSE the kids won't always be there~~you are working yourselves out of a job from their births towards the "empty nest". While you're in the midst of diapers, illnesses, school, soccer, ballet lessons etc. it doesn't seem like you'll 'ever' have an empty nest but you will~~it comes quicker than you can imagine.
So kudos to you and Chip for going on a date! Forgetting the camera isn't such a 'bad' thing neither!
:-) Gives us something to imagine...that perhaps something "delicious" went on!

linda t said...

Wow, the last movie I saw was the "Passion of Christ"!
I can't handle the whole movie scene... I am too easily distracted. But I am so glad you and Chip had a wonderful night out! Good for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Loved this movie too. Glad you had a fun date!


Alyson said...

How fun! My dh & I are hitting the movies tonight, but we'll be going to the "cheap" theater which means no new releases (I really want to see Music & Lyrics!). The last movie I saw was The Holiday, and I thought it was adorable. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wendy said...

I love date night we hardly ever get one, but really need to make time.
I think getting our taxes done is coming up next week. WOO HOO can't wait.