Friday, February 23, 2007

One more comment

First of all, if after reading this comment anyone can tell me why this Anonymous reader reads Nitty.Gritty. I would love for you to email me.
I have gotten lots of emails since yesterday, in support of me for turning off the comments- even if many of you like to read them and follow their links...but this is one of the reasons why I am sticking to my decision for now. This comment needs some in true "Dooce fashion", I give you this:

A lot of people choose to remain anonymous so our blogs don't get a ton of hate mail just because we have a different point of view than all you holy rollers on here.You know what? You're the one losing out. No one says you have to read all the comments. And while we're at it...why not quit blogging? I am sure that takes up precious scrapping time or time you could be spending with your family.Maybe if you didn't have to code things, post pictures, and change font colors too, that would save time.Hell, for someone that has a nanny -- can afford to sip Starbucks whenever the hell she wants to, and spends precious time on all these "lavish" junk -- more power to you.You just use us all as a sound board, don't ya, princess?
Signed, Yet another reader you have chosen to offend by your meaningless rants and posts.

Apparantly this anonymous person has his/her own fears...namely of 'hate mail' and being found out here. I do not judge that...but I do think this person hasn't read enough of my blog. We have not had a nanny for quite some time now...and did so for awhile when Chip took his job and I knew it would demand lots of his time and energy. If having a nanny makes me a "princess", then I apologize. I guess I earned this 'luxury' in life by getting a brain-damaged daughter, who at age 4+ still couldn't walk, talk or do a lot of things on her own. I felt it would be smart for me to get a helper in our home, so that my other kids could still enjoy things like going to the park and beach in spite of having a handicapped sister. That's the reason behind a nanny. She has been a friend to us...and although she hasn't been living with us for a year, I still call her our nanny/friend.
As for Starbuck' I need to defend myself for drinking coffee? I mean really. I buy the coffee grounds and brew my own coffee in a 'free' Gevalia coffee pot each day. I know a lot of people who do spend money everyday on lattes at the actual Starbuck's locations...and I still don't think of them as royalty. This is why the world is in some of the mess it is today. People, like anonymous, think they know everything, or choose to judge or misinterpret others, or try to bring people down for whatever reason...even if it is bashing the color of fonts that a person chooses to blog in. Sad, but true.
I find it all interesting, to know that people are consumed with this type of reality. There is so much more to life than this. And how is it that "I am choosing to offend" readers with my meaningless rants and posts. Isn't that the choice of the choose to be offended? So, if there was any doubt about turning off the comments, I have put them to rest with this one here.
I told Chip that I was going to make a t-shirt that read "Don't get too close...I have fame addiction". I thought that's what people like Anna Nicole Smith had. After the last week or so of people talking about her, I can see how that ends and I want no part of it.
So, just so we're all clear here, I really don't think going out for lunch and having a car plow into the table killing my daughter and injuring the rest of my family at that time, and then having to live with the consequences of someone else's selfish decision for the rest of my life makes me a fame seeker or "princess". That's just my opionion though. I have definitely received blessings more than I deserve through blogging and sharing my story with others, in hopes that they might appreciate their own lives/family a bit more, or choose to look at their lives in a different light because of all that has happened to me. If that offends someone, I apologize. I've never intended to share my life to make others feel badly about themselves or to make myself feel better.
I blog for fun, for stories, for my family to see pictures, and sometimes for scrap-related or faith-searching reasons.

I hope my hubby isn't mad at me for this post. He said to me yesterday, "I know the truth about're beautiful inside and out." That's all I needed to hear. In fact, it almost made me feel like a "Princess"! =)