Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just me...

I can honestly say that I am going to miss "seeing" so many of you in my comments section here, and I appreciate so many supportive comments and lots of emails from many of you too. Thanks!

As I wrote to one reader, I am not offended by negative comments left for me, in fact they sort of 'fuel' me even more! Remember awhile back when I wrote about how I didn't really like highschool or want to "fit in"? It goes back to my core belief about my faith and how I should express that in my life everyday. Too many times I have lived not standing up for my beliefs or being "counter-culture". So, to have people responding to my blogposts in a negative light just proves to me that I am living my faith as I should be doing. One of my favorite prof/pastor once said that if we weren't causing controversy, than we weren't being bold enough in our faith. I think he is right! My faith IS controversial...especially in light of the things going on in our culture every single day. The fact that there are people watching me and trying to figure out how it is that I can live the way I do and say the things I do just goes to show their lack of faith. Somehow they see it as a 'fame addiction' of some sort...rather than for the confidence and joy that it really gives me each day. THAT is what I claim to have- not a big ego.

If I should ever develop a 'big ego', trust me, I have a husband and kids and extended family that will put me in my place a lot quicker than a few anonymous comments. =) One 24-hour day spent in my home watching me cook and clean and wipe dirty faces and dishes and other various body parts would be more than enough for anyone to realize that I don't have "fame issues". Maybe if I get a housekeeper I will start thinking I'm someone that I'm not...but that will be awhile.

One last thought about all this, and that is the other side of the issue- that I somehow can't face reality and the truth about myself. While turning off comments seems to be "shielding myself" from reality, I see it as the exact opposite. It frees me up to spend more time thinking on the truth about myself and life and not having to read about someone else's issues. I hope that my anonymous readers will see that too much time is wasted on negativity in life, and that turning off comments is staying true to who I am. I have written often about the opportunities in life to make choices and how those choices affect us in life. Well, this is one such moment for me. If someone finds that offensive or "chicken" of me...well, then, that is their choice.

I look forward to reading your emails when/if you feel led to drop me a line...and will read each one. I'm still the same old Nitty.Gritty. me...just without the opportunity for someone else to get their "Anonymous fix" at my expense. {}