Saturday, February 03, 2007

"Have yourself a Merry Little Nicemas..."

A little bit of Bella on my mind... =). She's been my best subject lately and has been taking lots of pictures. A few M & M's as 'payment' for her time, and I'm a happy mom with photos to scrap.
The real reason for posting about Bella is a statement she made yesterday, that I don't want to soon forget. The best way to avoid 'forgetting' is blogging about it, or journaling or scrapping. You see, it's all about remembering the little details. Just after her lunch yesterday Bella exclaimed to me, "Mommy! I know what today is!" I was expecting either "It's Rachael's birthday" or "It's Groundhog's Day!". Instead she said to me, "Today is Nicemas! It's the day to be nice to everyone."
Apparantly I had been telling her to 'play nice' with Ava a few too many times, that she decided to make an official 'holiday' out of it for everyone. =) At least I know that in between all her antics and moods and activities that she bounces between all day long, she is occasionally listening to the things I say to her. So, in honor of Bella, just being herself, how about we all "Have a merry little Nicemas" today and play nice with everyone we encounter.
P.S. Check back twice if you get a chance. I plan to post my 'nice story' from won't want to miss this. It's very Nitty.Gritty. =)


JSM said...

And a very merry "Nicemas" to you too! :)

OP SuZ Q said...

GORGEOUS!!! What a sweetheart she is!

~Lea~ said...

She is those photos of her! She has such blue eyes!!

shawnna said...

how freakin cute :D