Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Groundhog's Day...Rachael! {wink}

I need some help today. Don't worry; it's really something simple for you to do, but will make a big impact. Here's the gig for today...I'm looking for 21 people to leave a comment here for one of my greatest friends in the world, Rachael.
Happy Birthday, Rachael! She turns 21 today...and I remember when I was 21. Some of you probably remember that year too. SO, if you have a minute, I'm looking for 21 people to wish Rachael a Happy Birthday, and leave a word or two of advice for her as she ventures into her 'new life' of maturity and big expectations. You're not a "kid" anymore, Rachael!!
Truth is, Rachael probably doesn't need much advice. I have to gush for a moment myself, about how great this girl really is. She's already blushing at this post, I'm sure, because she is one of those people who just 'shines' in the sidelines. {Remember the movie, 'Beaches'? Sorry, Andy...that's a bit 'chicky' for you, I'm sure.} But it's so true about Rachael.
She has been a part of the Ferlaak's lives for a long time now...but only in the past couple of years has our relationship really been 'involved'- to say the least. Rachael has seen and lived "the good, the bad and the ugly" reality of my life and the rest of my family's lives for almost two years. Do you know what? She hasn't run away from it, but instead always comes back for more. She has been there for Chip and I at a moment's notice more times than I can count. She gives more than she gets...and is happy about that. I know God sent her into our lives at the precise moment we 'needed her'.
Maybe you'd be surprised to read that I am not the 'best kind of friend' to others. I can be difficult to understand, and I've said it before, I have a dry sense of humor and am a fairly 'closed person'. Trust me. I keep getting better about this, and I have tried to be more open and accepting of others in life too. My kids have demanded that I change in many ways. But, Rachael is one person who I have learned to be myself around. We have lived together, laughed and cried and cleaned sick kids and carpets, dragged screaming kids from malls, shared Starbuck's and Cold Stone ice cream. We've had the best time at Cake Class, ridden the ferry across Lake Michigan, sunbathed at the beach, grocery shopped late at night, swapped emails, encouraged each other to do things we might otherwise not try on our own, and we share lots of little inside jokes. [Tie dye.]
That kind of friendship takes time and effort. Today, I just have to say, Rachael, you are one of the most compassionate, caring people that I know. One day {soon!} I hope you realize how amazing you are. Down the road, if life takes you further away from me, I know we will always be 'best friends' at heart! Thank you doesn't begin to say what you deserve from me and my family. Happy, happy birthday, from all of the whole Nitty.Gritty. gang...Chip, myself, Brock, Wyndham, Isabella and Ava. I know that there are a couple of people smiling down from Heaven today too. May you feel their love and warmth...and if you're really lucky, you'll top off today with a bit of Buttercream too. Love ya! =)


Terry A said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Oh, Happy Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!

Sherri P said...

Happy Birthday Rachael! From what Jody writes, you appear to have much more wisdom, confidence and life experience at 21, than I do now, let alone when I was 21 (many years ago!) May you have a fabulous celebration of this day, and your life. Celebrate as long and in as many ways possible! Drag it out til next Feb 2nd if you can! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

21 is a special one, ENJOY!!!!!

sarahm said...


Anonymous said...

Buttercream wishes to you Rachael!
21, what a fun year!!

Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Rachael make it a rockin day

Enjoy it and have fun.

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday....enjoy this very special day and be sure to let people pamper you a bit!

Kari said...

Happy 21st Birthday Rachael! Lots of love and hugs are headed your way from Utah! May each and every day be continue to be blessed.

Jen said...

happy Birthday Rachael ... sounds like you should be giving us the advice, not the other way around. :) Celebrate and enjoy YOUR special day!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rachel!
Enjoy your special day!

Anonymous said...

Have a happy, happy birthay baaaby....! This is a song, I think, from either the 60's or the 70's...can't remember all the words but this is for you Rachael.

Christal said...

Happy Birthday Rachael... You share this day with my mom... She "loves" being a groudhog baby LOL! Anyway dont be in a hurry to grow up... Keep yourself young and enjoy every minute and top them with Buttercream. Again Happy Birthday.

Christal said...

Meant to say "groundhog baby" Sorry! LOL I cant type these days

Heels said...

Dear Rachel:

Happy Birthday.

I am 34 and I was standing in line in front of a gorgeous college girl last fall and as I watched her shift impatiently in line, I thought, I'd love to tell her to go home, look at herself in the mirror and think, "I look fantastic."

When I was 21, I looked FANTASTIC. I didn't realize it or appreciate it.

I promise you this: no matter what anxieties you might have about yourself right now, you look fantastic and you will be sorry, when you are an old hag (!) if you didn't really, truly, fully appreciate it when you could.

Appreciate yourself for what you are right now.

(I didn't tell her anything, but I did tell the repair man who came to my house that afternoon and he said, "Ah, but you have the wisdom of maturity and you don't have to repeat any of the nonsense from your college years, either!")

But still.


Laura in Ohio said...

Happy birthday, Rachael! I think you've already learned the most important lesson in life, and that is to give yourself to others and leave the world a better place than you found it. "Heels" also offered some great advice, as well! In my own life, I wish, at 21, that I had trusted God's plan and timing for my future. The perfect husband, the perfect job and the perfect child came into my life at just the perfect time, in spite of my years of "fretting" to the contrary. Since you're a friend of Jody, I'm sure you're learning the art of living in (and savoring) the moment and leaving the rest to the Lord. May your birthday and the years ahead overflow with blessings!!

Laura in Ohio

aly3kids said...

Happy, happy birthday Rachael! You sound like a wonderful person and a wonderful friend! I hope your 21st birthday is fantastic!!

Deb said...

Rachael - Happy Birthday! You and Jody seem to share an incredible friendship. That kind of friendship is such a blessing! Enjoy your day - don't worry about stuff. Just play and play and play - and eat some ColdStone for me too! Happy Birthday!

Janna said...

Happy Birthday Rachael! :) I hope it's a fun one!

My best advice is to not let great opportunities pass you by, especially while you are young. And pray to God for guidance every day because He will make your paths straight. :) Don't be afraid to take chances, as long as they aren't dangerous... and hold tight to your friends and family, because they are the best part of your life... hands down. :)

God bless & enjoy your birthday!

Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday. Thank you for everything you do for the Ferlaak's. You will receive many rewards for your servant's heart. God Bless You.

Becky R.T. said...

Happy Birthday Rachael, Hope you have a super day and an even better year!

Anonymous said...

Happppppppy BIRTHDAY!!!! You sound like an amazing woman! I hope you have an amazing day!!!

Anonymous said...

'he who gives with a willing heart,
gives twice.'
alexander pope

a true friend is a treasure, indeed..

happy birthday rachael!!


Valerie said...

at 12:01 a.m. on my 21st birthday, i drove to a local store to purchase my first legal *ahem* adult beverage.

i wasn't even carded.

here's hoping your day is fun and filled with unexpected surprises - all good ones!! happy birthday!

OP SuZ Q said...

Happy Birthday Rachael!!

From one Groundhog to ANOTHER!!! :) (except that Im more than double your age!!)

You sound like an AWESOME girl!!!

shawnna said...

Happy Birthday Rachael
hope it is filled with

Nancy Peacock said...

Happy Birthday Rachael!
My younger sister Lori's birthday is today as well and my dad still affectionately calls her "Groundhog Lil"!
Jody speaks of you as a dear and trusted friend. It's amazing that someone your age is making great decisions, and has been willing to serve Chip and Jody's family with joy! In addition, you have made a friend that will undoubtedly follow you through your life. Savour it, and I hope the year ahead has new challenges and adventures for you...

Kristi Smith said...

I'm late, can I still say Happy Birthday! Just a few minutes late!
Happy Birthday! Sounds like you have been such a blessing to Jody and her whole family. You definitely sound like you are headed in the right direction, my advice is enjoy your life right now because the years go by fast after 21!=)