Thursday, January 04, 2007

Turning six.

Happy birthday, Wyndham! It was your best birthday yet...well, besides the day you were actually born. =)
Turning six was all about simple, goodness, happiness and fun. Oh yeah. And cupcakes. Actually it was mostly about the cupcakes; what is it with little airy, buttery, frosted, sprinkled cakes anyway?! I'm not sure, but they bring out the best in you and the rest of us. I think we will start making cupcakes at least once a week around here. That whole thing about licking the beaters can turn any day into a why not?
Oh yeah. Waistlines and hips and such.
Back to the birthday part of this post...
Wyndham woke to the excitement of Ava and Bella. They were singing to her the minute her feet touched the floor when she climbed out of bed. She knew something was up, and it was all about her, so she soaked it in. Every bit of it. She got to pick what show to watch on tv (Spongebob) and Bella told her how much she loved her, and at therapy she had a big 'birthday cookie', and she got four phonecalls...that's more than I get in a typical day!
Dinner out with the family and some little presents to open and of course, lots of pictures. It couldn't have turned out more perfectly. Here's wishing Wyndham many, many more- just like the one when she turned six! Love you, Abbers. ~Mom


Anonymous said...

Looks like the makings of great layout!

Happy B-day to your daughter! It's fun to hear about the other girls excitment for her b-day!

Anonymous said...

how FUN
the PINK and BROWN combo
you guys all look SUPER FAB
save me a CUPCAKE would ya ;)

Jan said...

She's a darling cupcake herself!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Wyndham had a wonderful birthday! I wish her many many more - just as delightful! Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WYNDHAM! so cute! and happy anniversary of the day that wyndham was born, sweet jody!! :)

Amber said...

Happy Birthday Wyndham! I don't know you but am very glad to hear you enjoyed your day so much!


Christal said...

Happy Birthday Wyndham, You are such a beauitiful little girl... You insipire even me as an adult to go for any obsticle life throws at me. Have a great year of being 6!

ScrapHappy said...

Happy birthday to Wyndham!!!!!!