Friday, January 05, 2007

One more.

I tried. I gave my best effort and looked all through my hundreds and thousands of photos I have on file on my computer and yet failed to find one that I felt worthy of posting today. I could have posted one of my kids splashing in my inlaws pool this summer. Or of Bella getting ready to eat a piece of her Barbie cake. Or I could have picked one of my wedding photos...of Chip and I in the backyard garden, or just one of me in my gown. I could have shown you all the beautiful wrapped presents tucked under the tree a couple of weeks ago, or shown you the smiles on my kids faces while munching on snowmen marshmallows on-a-stick.
The lady responsible for pool and the garden and my wedding dress and yummy/pretty cakes and packages and treats?? My mother-in-law. Yes, today is Nitty.Gritty. mother-in-law's birthday! Love, hugs and kisses from Michigan...Happy birthday, Grandma Karen! She is the queen of sewing, gardening, making her grandkids happy and running the MN PTA board. =) Not to mention the Queen of shopping at Christmastime to make sure that everyone gets what they want.
I think next year we will get her a photo that I have a great picture to post on my blog! =) And that about wraps up our holiday/birthday celebrations. For about 6 weeks anyway!


Mother-in-law Karen said...

No picture is necessary at my age. Thank you for the very thoughtful Birthday tribute. All the things I have done for my family and friends have definitely been my pleasure.
P.S. Thank you Jody for not using that horrible picture of Teagan and I making gingerbread houses. Once was enough!(Teagan was really cute.)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday MIL Karen!!! you sure raised a good one with Chip!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Grandma Karen!

Pictures are always necessary, even if it is only to pull them out on a "bad hair" day, only to see we have actually looked worse :)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Karen! I hope it was an enjoyable one!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Grandma Karen!

It's funny how the ones "behind the scenes" always make the difference, huh?

glo-girl said...

i get that way too.
i feel like a picture a post is do-able most days...but there are times when i just haven't been behind the camera, and there really isn't anything i feel like sharing!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! We have family Birthdays in common. My oldest dd way 16 yesterday and my ds was 13 today. Happy Birthday to your Grandma and to your little 6 year old too. :)

jen said...

just saying hi! i don't comment much but i visit your blog a lot.. wyn looks so happy on her b-day! you guys are a beautiful family!!

joel and amy said...


Your blog is an awesome testament of faith. My sweet friend, Kelle, told me about it today and I spent most of the evening reading it in between making chocolate milk, snacks, changing diapers, and watching Swiss Family Robinson! You are making me feel very inadequate that I don't get more things done, though! I will keep visiting and keeping up with your adventures!!