Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Totally blurred.

This beautiful (not!) photo is a picture of a very simple, tasty sandwich that I have blogged about in an earlier post. It's a sandwich that Chip and I modified from a recipe in Cooking Light magazine. We love it, and don't make it as often as we should. Every time we grill it up though, we tell ourselves we should make this more often. It's a great alternative to fast food, and as simple and light as it is, it is tasty and definitely satisfying.
SO, here I am blogging about it again- for myself. I apparantly don't take my own Nitty.Gritty. advice as often as I sometimes should. Hmmm. Wonder why that is?
Anyway, this sandwich is just like a traditional grilled cheese in preparation (butter the outsides of the bread, put the cheese/filling inside, and then grill to perfection), but we use cinnamon swirl or raisin swirl (or even cranberry-swirl) bread. Next we use goat cheese, which is found in the deli section at most grocery stores, and spread it on the bread, and then we top it with whatever flavor jam/preserve we have at the time. This one happened to be wild blueberry, but it tastes great with apricot and raspberry as well.
I'm telling you, you will wonder why you dine out on chicken fingers and burgers, when you could be eating this {healthier} fare and saving yourself money at the same time. Note to self: Skip the Panera and pick up a few ingredients and lunch is ready for the next couple of days.
We almost tried dipping this in my French Toast batter and eating it as a Goat Cheese Stuffed French Toast...but I had already buttered my breads prior to this brilliant thought. But there you have it. Play around with the recipe and if you come up with something really wonderful, you have to tell me about it. As ususal.
The picture may be blurry and not so inviting...but don't let the picture fool you. This is one lunch too good to pass up on!


Anonymous said...

cranberry swirl bread?? are you serious?
i didn't know that type of bread exsisted! i absolutely love cranberry bread!! (well, as much as you can love bread...)
wonder what brand it is?

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of the Monte Cristo sandwich...cheese and ham stuffed into bread that is then deep fried. Once cooked, sprinkle with powdered sugar and dip in raspberry preserves. A weird-sounding combination but DELICIOUS! I'm going to have to try your unique combination as well! Thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm.... That sounds yummy. My first thought as I started to read about the bread was cream cheese. I bet that would be tasty as well!

Jan said...

Is there goatcheese on the inside on on the top?

Claire said...

Jody, Jody, Jody...

You always make me hungry!


Anonymous said...

I still have to try this..I wonder how it would be on fresh ground whole wheat bread?

Thanks for keeping it real Jody!