Monday, November 27, 2006


I would have Chip guest-blog again, but he is sleeping soundly at this moment in time. I went back into my November 2005 archives and enjoyed reading some of the stuff happening from day to day in my life a year ago. However, it made me feel like a broken record...I sort of say the same stuff over and over it seems.
Chip would say, "What do you expect? That's exactly how you are in real life too, and that's what you want Nitty.Gritty. to be, right. Real?"
I suppose I do have certain themes and topics that I revisit or retell, in different ways. I'm just wondering if it's time for a change. Maybe it's just Monday talking and I'm looking at my week feeling like I'm in for a fun few weeks...lots of routine ahead of me.
Today was mostly routine with a mix of 'little stuff' mixed in (see yesterday's post if you missed out on the 'little stuff'). The little stuff like hanging Christmas lights on trees outside my house and putting up a tree (I've got two small ones up already with two bigger ones to go). There was the trip to the YMCA for Brock's swimming lesson- which I got to see for the first time. Ususally Chip takes him, but tonight I got a turn. The best part? The conversation to and from the Y- just me and Brock in the car, and the smiles, waves and kisses he kept blowing up to me as I watched him swim from the big window upstairs. I love that he still 'loves me in public'. =)
There was some wonderful little stuff from Chip, that he may not even remember, but they made a 'big statement' to me. The first was the extra long hug he asked me for while I was trying to get three kids dressed, fed and ready for preschool. I almost snapped at him because we were hustling around so much, but I noted that he held me for a second longer and wished for more than that. Then he stopped back home with a Starbuck's nonfat Eggnog latte extra hot no whip...he got it right! Love, love LOVE when someone notices or cares about the details of life. Even in things like morning lattes. No wait. Especially in things like morning lattes!
Next, despite her staying up way too late again last night, Bella managed to pull off a good day (meaning she obeyed the rules fairly well and followed directions and listened as best she could) at preschool, and then went on to be a pretty good little girl the rest of the day. She and Ava had fun 'helping me' put up Christmas lights outside. It was a balmy 56 degrees! I was just happy that Bella managed to get through the day without a major meltdown. And then a small miracle happened. When I got home from swimming lessons, Chip had gotten her to sleep already. By 8:00 pm! That's almost four hours earlier than her usual time. (Bella starts out in bed around 8-8:30, but is still up and playing or reading or going potty 3-4 hours later. She just doesn't know how to shut-down. Teagan was the same, exact's mostly from Chip's genes.)
I've been cleaning and making my new scrap space the past week and it is starting to come together. I am excited to have a spot to create and mess around and just have fun with all the products I have. I've got to get going on my Christmas cards...I think I may have to simplify them this year. Too much blogging is cutting into my Christmas decorating/card-making time.
With that, I will start to wrap this up. It's getting to sound too chicky, and I wouldn't want to offend my many male readers.
And please, leave me a comment if I AM starting to sound like a broken Nitty.Gritty. record around here. Afterall, it's been a year. Maybe I should take some time off and work on new material. =) Or, leave me some questions or topics that I can explore. Like stuff that's on your mind. Or stuff that you want to know about that's on my mind but I just haven't blogged about yet. Happy Monday back-at-it everyone!


Anonymous said...

girlie...i love reading anything you lay down. no matter what you write, even if you think it's a rehash, it always puts my day in perspective!

Anonymous said...

You never talk about the negative parts of your life that you would change. Do you ever have a day that you just feel down or you are PMS-ing, show us some of your real feelings instead of always being postive, we want a real person not a person who is always happy

groovy said...


you have a story and lessons you have learned that are important to share and are obviously being used to speak to the hearts of many of your readers. don't get hung up on writing your blog for other people though--you've mentioned a few times past as you reflect on why you write this blog that you do it for yourself. try to keep that focus...don't feel the need to entertain other people or even the need to share something that will touch the hearts of each and every one of your readers every single time. if possible, this should be your place, your opportunity to process your life--and everybody's life is different--this is your story--

honestly, i think what people seek more than anything else in someone is authenticity--a genuine ability to just be real. good days, bad days. this can be your place to do that. looking back to last year and knowing that you are still sharing the same story makes perfect sense. how could you not be sharing something routinely that is so deeply etched into your heart and soul. that's okay.

oh, but do allow yourself the freedom to take a few days off from blogging every now and again--if you don't feel like blogging--don't--share when your heart feels lead. and maybe when you do it, it won't be some light bulb or heart string pulling moment for everyone else but. . .that's okay!! keep at it girl!

Anonymous said...

i got a lump in my throat when i read, about brock, 'i love that he still 'loves me in public'.
my littlest one (now 12!) still holds my hand and lets me hug and kiss him 'in public', and for that, i am very grateful.

Anonymous said...

NO NO not stop Nitty.Gritty. I love it...I learn each day from you...I grow and strive to do better because of ya~

Dawn Oberholtz said...

I am a sahm of three and love your blog! I might not take the time to post every day, sorry, but I DO read your blog everyday and LOVE it! I would sure miss reading it. I would LOVE to see your scrap space! I have a scrap room and would share mine but I do not have a blog. Anyhow, thanks for the daily nitty gritty and ow man those starbucks lattes are the BEST! I am partial to the gingerbread myself. LOL! Thanks again! Dawn Oberholtz

Anonymous said...

If my husband came back home with a latte for me after my kids were off at school there would have to be a "thankyou" given. But hey, sometimes we have to take advantage of the time the two of us have alone - when we are awake.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely you don't sound like a broken record!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, I just have to disagree with the previous commenter who thinks you don't talk about your real feelings - you are extraordinarily real and open in sharing your feelings, it is just that you have also have an extraordinary gift for being positive in your outlook and that comes through in the posts. Your postive outlook is such a great reminder and lesson to me, and I really appreciate and value it, and I think it is even why I keep coming back here all the time! I don't think you are a broken record at all, and the recurring themes of appreciating the little things and trusting in God just can't be said too often, at least not to me! Having experienced how toxic and life-defeating it can be to focus on the negative in life, I am so thankful that you are here as an example of how someone can have their heart broken by events but go on to still thrive and love life and help lots of others - thanks and please keep it up!

Maija said...

I was a night owl, too, when I was little. For years, I thought I had been enrolled in the A.M. kindergarten (not the afternoon session), as I remembered waking up and going straight to school. My mom said no, you just woke up late! No wonder it was always a struggle after that for me to get to school on time! (and it still is - I am such a night person if I could be on my own schedule!). It sure comes in handy though when you go to college & need to stay up late studying!

Rays Family said...

If people can't see how real you are, then they need some real lessons in life. As a mom with everything from the pain of dealing with losing a child to having a child with extra special needs, why would you have to spell it out to anyone. Everyone should know how hard everyday is for you and your family. So you choose to see the blessing in your life. You go Jody, keep you the great blogging.

Anonymous said...

You better not take a break from Nitty.Gritty! Its my daily sanity sometimes, and it ALWAYS starts my day off right! Even though I dont always comment, I am always reading, and I look forward to it more than any other blog I read!

As far as anonymous people (why do they have to be anonymous anyway?) that commented...Jody, I believe that you have found ways to write about the most negative thing that could ever happen to anyone, in a positive way, and thats why people love you and your blog so much! If they think your not "real" then why are they reading your blod in the first place? You are the most REAL person I know, you spill out your heart and soul into your blog, you talk about your faith, about your daily struggles with your kids, the loss of your precious daughter, the list goes on! If that isnt "real" then maybe I dont know what "real" means!!!

So dont you even think about taking a break! I love reading your blod...LOVE it!