Sunday, October 01, 2006

What I blog about when I've got 'nothing'...

Really. Other than asking if any of you want to order or renew a magazine subscription through me, I've got nothing. =) {That's a joke, so don't leave me any crazy comments or leave here feeling offended today, okay!}
I think my mind is racing too much the past few days, because I'm drawing a blank on new blog material. I even biked about 4 1/2 miles today, and still the material just isn't happening.
I have been busy; I have been being creative; I have been cleaning house; I have been slowly getting over my cold; I have been happy to see my hubby excited about his Ireland trip; I have been excited and planning for my own Vegas trip; maybe that's why I've got nothing here. I've guess maybe I have stuff, I just can't post it all here.
Instead, I give you a flashback of me and a happy time in my life. This is a collage of pictures {circa mid-August 2005} I put together last year after a two-day cake class at the Artisan Cooking School in Grand Haven. My friend, Rachael and I had way too much fun doing this together. I mean, me + buttercream - kids to tend to = One Rockin' Good Time! Add in the ubber-talented and personable, Chef Jenny + Katie Holmes' cousin, and I'm telling you, I was practically in Heaven. Okay. Not even close to Heaven, but it was a total change of scenery from the life I normally live.
And, I was free to have fun, and make cake...CARROT CAKE! Plus, I was surrounded by buttercream- the real stuff- at least 5 batches of it. I don't even want to guess how many calories I consumed over those two days. And truthfully, I don't think it matters. Because when a person is having that much fun in life, the calories just don't count.
So, there you have it. Click on the pictures to see them enlarged, and for a minute, pretend you get to be in Gourmet Cake Class with me. And maybe someday I'll post the recipe for the most delectable Buttercream Icing ever.
Boy, for having nothing to say, I certainly enjoyed myself. Must be the big bowls of buttercream and the smooth frosted cake. Oh yeah, and the smile I get on my face just remembering the fun I had with great people. Mmmmm. Happiness is good memories.


beth j said...

I love taking coooking classes. Last spring I took a cake decorating class which was a lot of fun. Hope the next 9 days or so are filled with lots of fun times with your family before you head to Vegas.

ChefJenny said...

Oh Jody, you give me such a good laugh!!! I am so happy to see the pictures of me at the school when it was my baby and we were all a big happy family.
Thank you for the reminder of the joys of that school. I feel like I put my baby up for adoption, had an open adoption but it is too painful to see the baby so the birthmother has decided to let the adoptive parents raise it as they will. I loved working with Joe. He is a great decorator. I learned so much about myself, and the BUTTERCREAM!!!!!! You crack me up with your musings about that stuff. Makes it worth every fat cell it put on my thighs HAHAHA
I wish you good luck in Vegas. You are a winner no matte what anyone says. I will give you the prize if they dont:)
Chef Jenny.

Christal said...

Jody, it looks like such a good time.... However I can't taste a thing right now, nor smell!
SO I would miss out on the buttercream :( I think you gave me your cold HA!! HA!!! Can you PLEASE pass the extra strength cold meds to me! HA! HA!

Vicki said...

Oh, no you didn't just leave us hanging! Give up that buttercream recipe...pronto! lol

Laura said...

seriously, NEEDING the buttercream recipe. i am tired of the Wilton recipe (shhh don't tell MY cake decorating teacher!)i am starting the second wilton class this week! SO fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

What? Nothing to blog? Of course you do! Thanks for sharing those pictures! It reminded me how much I want to do those things I never make time a cake decorating class = )

Jody said...

I am laughing at this post for about the eight time in the past two days. Just thought I'd leave this commebt for myself. And Rachael. Gosh...I wonder who's gonna make TomKat's wedding cake?!
I'm thinking we should whip up a batch of 'Got a 1 in 10 chance of winning SOY' Buttercream and make something yummy to spread it over. Even if it doesn't look pretty- it would still taste good. Of course, I should probably be worried about fitting into my pants or be scrapping my little 'thoughts album'...making buttercream would just be a really fun and tasty way of procrastinating. And we are the "QUEENS" of THAT! =)
Ha, ha ha hahaha. Ha. I'm still laughing.