Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Consuming my thoughts...

Do you know how fast a week goes by when you're preparing for the highlight of your year? That's all the waiting I have left until I fly out to Vegas for my Scrapper of the Year contest.
In the meantime, hubby is off to Ireland. This is his first trip there, with no women or children in sight (I hope anyway), and lots of premium golf. He earned bonus points by bringing me a Starbuck's latte just before he said his goodbyes. =)
And don't feel too badly for me, because my friend (and former nanny)Rachael, {*see us in the previous post at cake class together} will be with me as much as she can, to help with the kids, to laugh at my real-life drama, and to make sure I am hyped up for my trip next week.
I told Chip just before he left that he picked a bad time to leave on a trip. Why is that, he asked...to which I told him, "I'm gonna be in a good mood for the next 7 days straight, and you're gonna miss it!" Truth is, I plan on being in a good mood for the next 2 weeks, and then some- even if I'm not the top SOY pick. I'll be running on new creative ideas, new places, fresh faces, and probably new dreams for my future- whatever that may hold.
So, when I find the time to be blogging here, I hope it's all good. It should be. One more thing, thanks to all the get-well wishes. My cold is nearly gone, and the sun is actually peeking out here in Michigan today. Things look bright!


eek said...

I am so rooting for you in Vegas! It will be so exciting!

Unfortunately the weather is back to being hot and humid in H-town, but life is still good :).

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you! Good luck with it and have fun! What a neat thing to be able to do!


adrienne said...

Good luck! Im so excited for you!

Jennifer McNeely said...

October 10th is my birthday so I will make one birthday wish - I am rooting for you.

Portia said...

Your Future's Sooo Bright....
You Gotta Wear Shades!

Best of Luck in Vegas!
I'll be thinking of ya!

linda t said...

What's the best way to find out the results of the SOY???!!!
or you gotta blog as soon as they announce the winner!
Soooo exciting!