Friday, October 06, 2006

Nitty.Gritty. getting really 'real'...

Awhile back I posted about a game of blog tag that was going that asks you to list 5 weird things about yourself. I, instead, decided to break that down into individual daily posts...the first was "How many tv theme songs I could list from my childhood in 10 minutes". I think I got about 50 of them. Then I spent the next several days having 'retro cartoon and other tv shows' theme songs pop into my head. Like the theme song from Moonlighting, or Flintstones (which by the way, does anyone else remember when they had Fred and Barney meet the Schmoo? or is that just me?!). I recalled watching the 'dramatic' Land of the Lost episodes, and Dr. Shrinker. I've also decided that I now that I'm grown up, I wish I had 'Wonder Twin powers' that I shared with my hubby. We could put our fists together and make something 'powerful' out of turning into things like a mop and bucket. My kitchen would be spotless! And I'm sure Wonder Twin powers would help with bedtime, wouldn't you agree? Incidentally, if anyone can answer whether the monkey on the cartoon was 'Gleek' or 'Bleep', I will probably sleep better at night, and you will be my favorite Nitty.Gritty. reader of the day. =)
All that to bring me to my point.
I've decided to play the "5 weird things about me when I grocery shop" game today. Yep. Who knew I had quirks even while grocery shopping? You are about to find out, and see me in yet another light. Your life will never be the same. Are you sure you want to keep reading...I mean, this stuff is really deep. It's the essence of Nitty.Gritty. Here goes.
1) I buy (or don't buy) things according to 'use by dates'...however (here's the weird part) it's not always to avoid the nearest expiration date, but to target certain dates. Like I will grab for the milk that has my birthday stamped on the outside (Dec. 20- in case you want to note it for yourself), or pass over the bread marked 9/ you follow? And I get excited when something has a 'meaningful' date marked on it. Most recently, I got happy at the store when things had the date Oct. made me realize that my scrap contest is getting really close!
2) It actually does matter to me what kind of dish soap scent (or other items) I select- contrary to the fact that my hubby insists it's not "rocket science". "Just grab a bottle of soap!" he would insist, while in my mind I realize I will be washing my hands and smelling this stuff for a it really does matter.
3) I can't recall the last time I chose 'paper'. I've been a plastic-girl for so long now.
4) I don't understand why people don't put the carts back into the parking lot cart corrals...that's my favorite part of grocery shopping. I give the cart a push, hop onto it, and get a ride to the rails. It's like a free few seconds of joy and childhood again. Why do people skip this part? I don't know.
5) This one is actually probably tied with number 4 as far as enjoyment factor is concerned. I love turning up the music and singing loudly too and from the store- usually I shop without my kids, so it is the one time I have quiet space in my vehicle for 5-10 minutes each way. You would think I would just enjoy the quiet. Instead, it's turn it up and belt it out. You know what songs I sing most of the time??? Old hymns (my favs are my Selah ones). I might as well spill a bonus quirk with you here right now. And that is that I can open up a church hymnal and I have a 9 out of 10 chance of knowing the song...usually I can recall most of the 4 stanzas- when prompted. Yes, I am steeped in traditional religious music. Now you know.


Deb Berger said...

The monkey was Gleek. I looked it up to make sure. It is so funny you mention them. Keith and I just tried to decide what we would turn ourselves into if we had their powers like 3 days ago!!!! I LOVED that show!!! I also had Supergirl PJ's! Love the 70's and early 80's.

Anonymous said...

I actually have a twin brother and we used to play Wonder Twins all the time! Thanks for making me remember that!

Oh and I love when the milk has my birthday stamped on it too!

aimee h

Nancy said...

I am with you on hymn knowledge. I cant' remember all of the stanzas from memory but I can remember enough of the words that you would recognize the song. I often sing them (making up any words I forget) just to make my day a little brighter! Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

When I make my grocery list I make it like we were taught in Home Economics, (according to the order of the store layout) When people see my list they always question. For example it looks like this:

salad dressing

cream of chicken soup

green beans
fruit cocktail

lunch meat
ground beef


I could go on. I leave spaces for everything that goes in between.

And it's hell if you go to a store that you're not familar with.

Anonymous said...

You are too funny! Actually your mention of expiration dates reminded me that I have been meaning to write in and let you know that my tampons expire on Dec. 5th! When I saw the date stamped on that box I thought of you! Rest assured I will not throw them out on 120506, I will be smarter than the execs at Tampax want me to be! AND I love the new perspective of what I have thought before to be the drudgery of putting the cart away, only you, Jody would inspire such silly hearted fun! And, the bonus is that my local Fry's (that is my favorite grocery store out here in sunny Arizona) has a little incline going on in the parking lot!

Looking forward to grocery shopping in AZ

Laura said...

Ahhh, but have you ever played the "Guess the most expensive thing purchased on this trip?" game? When hubby and I go shopping together, as we walk out, we try to remember the highest price item we bought. Then we check the receipt and see who's right. Usually I keep pretty good track, but if you bought a bunch of only low-priced stuff, sometimes its closer than you think! Guess I am a quirky shopper too! (As is my toddler who INSISTS upon the cart which looks like a blue racecar! God help me if that cart is already taken!!!)

Tracey said...

I have read your blog on and off since I saw the link on Carrie Colbert-Batt's blog (which I read very rarely due to the daily constraints of life). Anyway - I am a HUGE Selah fan! Just found them a few months ago, and have listened to them almost exclusively since then! I, too, know most of the stanzas to most of the hymns, and they can make me cry like nothing else. They are so beautiful, and really speak to my heart so clearly. LOVE them! Glad to know I'm not alone in this. ;)