Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Me...making stuff.

What better way for me to wittle away the next few days before my scrap trip to Vegas than to make stuff? In case you are just dying to know what I am doing, I am giving you a little glimpse here. That's me- a few minutes ago. Snapped a self-pic of me, and my stuff. My girls love to help me... they cut and color and tear and have fun making more mess than I do. And that puffy paint? I was just playing around with that and made a simple t-shirt. My girls loved watching me 'write' with paint.
A few people asked me about the Creating Keepsakes link and the SOY finalist features. The website is updating it to highlight one contestant each day. That is why if you click the link you don't see all 10 of us. Yet. =)
I'm still trying to figure out what it is exactly that I love so much about patterned papers, colors, shapes and putting them all together. It must be in my DNA. I do know that it makes me happy. Oh last thing. I received an email from the Jaqua product line today...and get this...they have a new {Pink Buttercream Handmade Soy Candle} available. Free with a purchase of $50 dollars or more. I might just have to go buy more Maple Syrup body wash. It's the simple goodness in life that I find most pleasing. I told you- you're gonna get *happy*, happY, hAPPY here for awhile. Might as well get used to it. I really hope you don't mind.


Kari said...

Mind? I don't mind being happy with you and FOR you!!! Just remember "life is sweet," so enjoy all the simple goodness in life (like Maple Syrup body wash, buttercream frosting, and scrapbooking, YIPPEE!) I'm so happy for you and can't wait to see all the SOY finalist features, especially yours!!

Have a sweet day!


Deb Berger said...

Buttercream, yummy. I was just at the grocery store today and saw that Hostess has a new "line" of snack cakes. One is chocolate with buttercream frosting. Don't know how good it is, but when I saw it I thought of you and smiled!!! We sure do miss you here in Gaylord!!! Hope to see you soon. Good luck!!!

tammy said...

Hiya Jody!
I can only imagine the anticipation and excitement inside your house this week! HAPPY is good! =) Do you realize that Nitty.Gritty. rhymes with GIDDY!? lol Hmmm, I sense a pattern here! Can't wait until we hear your named announced on CK website next week as SOY!!! God bless~
Tammy in Michigan

Laura said...

so cute you are!!!!! counting the days for you!!!

Nancy said...

I love your zest for life! I would love to be a fly on your wall.

erin said...

you're too cute! i wish you lots of luck, and a ton more fun!

cheers to you!