Friday, October 27, 2006

Just what you'd expect, right?

Here are some pictures taken this week at my house. I never get tired of the days where nothing really extraordinary or spectacular happens, and yet I find myself thanking God for my wonderful life.
We got hooked up to satellite tv, and my girls (and boys) have loved some of the cartoons and childrens' programs...including some of my favorites when I was a kid, like Smurfs, Looney Tunes, and Yogi Bear. That's why they're on my bed paying no attention to me while I snapped their picture. Maybe it was Oobi or Maisy that they were glued to...who knew Noggin could be so exciting. =) Don't worry about sending me notes about tv viewing and how much kids should watch. We have a system that already works in our home. I don't tell you how much tv your kids should watch, and I appreciate the same respect. {I'm totally kidding on this...just wanted to see if I could stir up my own Nitty.Gritty. controversy.}
Chip and Brock had the chance to play some lacrosse. I love when they get to hang out and do stuff together. Chip works long hours at the golf course, but I have to give him credit for using his 'free time' to be a good dad and husband.
Then there's Bella. She is just so 'Bella'. If you've been around her, you know what I'm talking about....a charmer one minute, and a little spitfire the next. We're still working on getting her to sleep at the right time on school nights. She is such a night owl, but then at preschool when she's short on sleep she can hardly function. To the point where she got 'sent home early' one day this week- we hoped to make a point with her. I have a feeling she's gonna carry some of this personality with her for the rest of her life.
Lucky for me, at 4, I've basically got her all figured out. SO, I try to enjoy her- mood swings, attitude and all. She is a constant reminder of Teagan at age four. And you know, if I had my way, I'd take Teagan back in a heartbeat. Mood swings, attitude and ALL!


Christina said...

Super cute photos! My husband is the GM at our Country Club here and mine does the same as time is family time...LOVE THAT!!!

Really enjoy reading your blog...

~Kim said...


I love your's just so everyday. I seriously feel like I know you just by following your blog! : )


GlennaB said...

I still haven't actually introduced myself but I too share a strong faith in God, have a severly disabled child and have suffered the loss of a child (actually children, much different circumstances though) and I often wonder, and now pose this question to you. Do you think or wonder if you would have the life and the children you currently love and enjoy without having suffered the loss of Teagan?
Just fodder for another blog post

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your Bella is my Ryann. Love her no matter the mood she's in. I may not like her at that moment, but ALWAYS love her.

mary h.

Nancy said...

I love the pictures of your children and what a precious gift they are as you well know. I love coming to your blog and seeing how you enjoy every single minute with your children and how you live life to the fullest knowing how fast your precious ones grow up. Have a great weekend!