Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's August.

I like the month of August. I do. Chip and I got married in August. I thought it was a good month to get married because they weren't any major holidays in it already- so it gives us a reason to celebrate. Which usually means whipped cream or buttercream or carrot cake, or just taking a few minutes out of our regular routine of busy life and remind ourselves why we love doing this thing together anyway.
So, it's a new month, and you may think I have nothing to blog about now that I've reminisced about Teagan the past 4 weeks. All I can say is, "you're wrong." If you thought I talked too much about Teagan and life and memories last month, you need to just get ready. As Oprah once said, "This is big. Big.Big." It's that big. You are gonna love Nitty.Gritty. more than you did before.
Wait! How is that possible? =) Happy new month to you too.


Laura said...

oh boy! i am excited! happy new month to you too jody, happy anniversary month, happy fresh start, and happy last month of summer!

Jennifer said...

AS you are beginnig this new month, stop and say a prayer for our family as we are getting close to the first year mark of Mom's passings. I have read a lot of your blogs the last few days and I talked to your Mom the other night about everything that is coming up. I say prayers for you today as well. I will think of you on the 12th as I know that is your anniversary of you wedding and the anniversary of Mom joining Jesus in Heaven. My heart is a little heavy this day as we bigin this month.
Peace to you,
Your cousin Jennifer

jackie carl said...

My husband & I were also married in August....the 2nd, to be exact...that's tomorrow !! Whoo-Hoo ! :)
In fact, we were married twice....on the same date ! (Yes, we had a brief "hiatus" for almost 3 years). We learned a lot ! God was there for us and really stretched us. We are different people today...much stronger and much more deeper in our commitment to the Lord, because of what we went through. We have now been married for 31 years !
Happy Anniversary to you & Chip !
With Love,
Jackie Carl
Marion, IN

punkinpieproductions said...

Happy August to you too. We celebrate our Anniversary this month also!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Chip... My husband and I just celebrated our 3rd year anniversary on the 19 of July. I am very excited to see what is coming up on the Nitty.Gritty.... Give us a hint!!!

Hope you have a great day! One of these days I am really going to start my own blog!!

A Mother in Kansas ;)

annette said...

Jody...I send a happy-happy to you also for this fresh new month.

You bless me each day when I read your words...you are a gift to me...

Anonymous said...

Our anniversary is tomorrow, August 2. Happy August to everyone!

Brenda said...

HI JOdy,
Happy anniversary to you and chip this month. My husband and I celebrate a anniversary too this month! I can't wait to see what you have planned on your blog this month.........very exciting! Have a great day!

dani brown said...

Happy August to you as well! Thanks for making me smile in the mornings! : )

MommyOutOfControl said...

OHHH, you have piqued my curiousity now! As if checking your site multiple times a day wasn't odd before, now it will become like a religion. LOL. Happy Anniversary Month...it is ours also. Aug. 26th will be six years.

Natty said...

Heya Jody! I just stumbled upon your blog last night via Whitney Cerak's. I spent the better part of 2 hours reading about the accident via your blog and the news links. Wow. Thank you for sharing your story--and continuing to share all the fun little things that you share. Your faith and optimism and energy are evident and I will visit often: you're on my blogroll, girl!

I also wanted to say that I love love love your kids' names, especially Teagan and Wyndham! Neat! And that I visited Gaylord last year and it was a really cute place. My favorite things were the Swiss-style downtown and the real live Elks at the Elks club. (That was Gaylord, right? I saw so much of Michigan last year that it sometimes starts to run together!)

Wishes for a happy day from a wanna-be Michigander (Grand Rapids is for me!) stuck in Indiana for now, Nat

Lauren said...

Read your blog every day, or maybe I should say I lurk on your blog everyday. It brings me great hope and inspiration and helps me focus my day.

I wanted to give you my congrats on the big CK announcement. You so deserve this, and I know you will come out on top!

Anonymous said...

I did just stumble onto your blog from another blog re: the CK announcement- so for that I give you huge props. I must say, I read your 'story' and you have me in tears. Mostly, happy tears that you are SUCH an inspiration of hope and faith and love.
Only the best to you.
You SO deserve it,
Laura Solomon

Anonymous said...

Hey Jody,
What is the CK announcement??
Do tell!!!

Julie said...

You are awesome!!! I remember the simple thank you notes I asked you to help with and thought WOW! This girl has awesome talent! God gave you so many talents, I think it is great that you use them fully. Congrats!!! Sorry, I peeked on another site to see the surprise! I have a horrible delay of gratification problem! P.S. I may need some more help with thank yous come Nov. or so. We are going to do another crop for the school.

shawnna said...

how FREAKIN awesome


patterns of ink said...

Happy Anniversary Month! Be sure Chip sees this. I wan't him to know that a few guys are in your readership. :)
I agree with a reader said a few days ago you should consider publishing (beyound scrapping and blogging). If you have not been saving each of your posts as a Word file, I would do that for a future "work" that you have a very good start on....