Thursday, July 20, 2006

Reason to celebrate...again.

You know if I had a picture of my mom in a two-piece, I'd post it here today. I know there are some out there, but not in my possession. Regardless, she deserves being celebrated today, on her 50-something birthday.
I enjoyed spending time with her and my families back in Minnesota last month, and she was here at our home last week for a few days. It is always a treat to have Mom around. The kids love her sense of humor, her silly games, her cooking, and the way she just makes you feel happy- just by being around her.
I created some controversy here awhile back when I posted about her being my biggest fan...but truly she is. I'm proud of the fact that she is proud of me. A big part of me is who I am today, because of the way she has helped mold and shape me. If I actually were to run for President, I think I would choose my Mom as my running mate. We have different views on little issues once in awhile, but we compliment one another and bring out the best in each other. I wish she lived next door to me. I mean that.
If I could describe her to you, I would have to say she is a sort of easy-going Martha Stewart on a budget...but she's never done jail-time. =)
Here's wishing my Mom a very Happy Birthday. I'm sure we'd be helping you polish off Turtle Cake with real-whipped cream if we were with you. Love you and miss you. And next year, I'll try to get my hands on a better photo to post. Maybe one of you dressed as an elf or clown or something. =)


annette said...

Jody, I love that you love and respect your mother a mom of grown children I know how much it must mean to her to have your love.

Hope you are having a great evening....~annette~

shawnna said...

Happy BIRTHDAY to Jody's MOMMA!!!

stephanie said...

Thank you to Nitty Gritty Granma for giving us Jodi!
Thanks to Chip for letting Jodi spend so much time on the computer!

Cris said...

You know it's not an easy job being a mom. Of course none of us ever realize that until we become one ourselves. So, three cheers to Jody's mom for doing an excellent job. And here's to wishing you a very happy birthday from all of us out here in Nitty Gritty land. :)

Joyous said...

aw, she's cute, happy birthday, nitty gritty momma!

Christal said...

Happy Birthday Momma NittyGritty! Hope it has been a very special birthday! Heres to lots of cakes, Minus the candles!