Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Now I'm a Nitty.Gritty. ball of nerves...,

Thanks to all those comments for Chip yesterday. I think you all proved us both wrong. I thought there were like 22 of you out there. Now I'm a wreck thinking I could be telling 75 people a bunch of baloney everyday! Yikes! At least now I know I have a good start for when I rally for votes for President in 2008. I should start designing my 'Nitty.Gritty. for President' buttons and bumper stickers now.
I apologize to all you die-hards that I posted so late today, but our power was out for the past 18 hours. I have learned that my family and I would not have made very good Hurricane Katrina victims. We were starting to lose it by mid-afternoon today. You'd think it would be fun to step back in time to when life was simpler without all the electronic gadgets we have around the house. Instead, I was getting crabby because I couldn't cook anything in my kitchen, I couldn't vacuum or do laundry, and to top it off I couldn't blog, because the battery was dead on the computer. It was beginning to get ugly around here- attitudes were starting to show, and we were getting hot and crabby without our air-conditioning.
Just in time, though, our electricity came on this evening, and life is back to normal. I never thought I'd be so happy to throw clothes in the wash machine and load the dishwasher, but it felt good tonight.
I don't know that Chip's had a chance to read all his comments. I've scrolled through them, and I have to admit, I was surprised quite a bit...and even happier that most of you read and never comment. If I had 70 comments everyday, I'd never get a thing done around here! But, thank you for all the affirmation, and even some over-the-top compliments. I'm probably not nearly as wonderful in real-life as I am on my blog. Never-the-less, I think some of you would still vote for me as President. =)


shawnna said...

You TOTALLY have my VOTE -

wanted to say thanks again for inspiring me to share the story of my son - it really feels good to have finally done it :0)

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Whitney's blog and have been researching your tragedy and reading your blogs(past and present) for a couple of weeks now. You are an awesome lady! I love your zest for life and I plan to return to your blog for inspiration as often as I have time. God is Good!
From a Mom of 2 earthly children and 1 heavenly child.

Laura said...

Vote Nitty.Gritty for president!!! i wish i were entertaining, thought-provoking, and interesting enough to have 75 people visit MY blog every day!!! you go girl!

annette said...

You go girl...if you run for president you will have my vote...yeah.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jody
Just thought I would drop you a line saying hi! Let you know that I am one of your silent readers here.
I see all is well!
Take care,
Love JEN

stephanie said...

I will be your California campaign manager....p.s. Good Morning Chip!

Jan said...

You'd be a definite advantage over Hillary. Go!

Rhonda said...

There are actually more than 75. I was on vacation LOL