Saturday, April 22, 2006

Kickin' it up a notch.

First off- let me just address all of you who want pictures here. They are forthcoming. I promise. I think I may post them over a period of time, just so I don't overexcite some of you with too much of me- downright happy- blissful, even- at once. But don't worry they're a comin'.
The really neat thing for me isn't actually even posing with these fun people, because I can PhotoShop myself {and I've done it before...seriously} into a picture with them, but it's about witnessing their creativity and passion for life and art and all things inspiring in person. Talk about an experience! I'm feeling a certain vibe with these "people" despite the fact that I don't necessarily do what they do (which is make scrapbook pages and albums)- and I may even catch the "bug" before I leave and actually start to do it in my own life. I'm walking the line at this point...and the terrific part is how good it feels!
Just being around such a wealth of creativity and talent has made me want to kick it up in my own self. My level of "coolness" has just about peaked out {if that's possible} by rubbing elbows with all the "greats" of the scrapbook industry.
I'm thinking that the let-down that's gonna hit me early next week while I'm emptying the dishwasher and doing laundry is gonna be a bummer- but I'll have proof in pictures of the feeling I've got right now. I'll just have to print a bunch out- sticking up on the fridge and make myself happy all over again.
"Seacrest out." Where'd that come from?! Nitty.Gritty. out! =)


{change in plans} said...

Hope you are having a fabulous time rubbing elbows the with scrap greats! I have a friend who is enjoying her time there.....can't wait to hear more and see pictures!

karen said...

Ha ha, you said yesterday you probably wouldn't post again while you were there but I had a feeling you would be unable to resist.

Being around creative people is very cool. I'm glad you're having such a blast.

Rhonda said...

I am so glad your having fun!!! Take a mllion pictures and yes you have to post them all. At once. Not over time.

Suzelle said...

Can't wait to see the pictures !!! Glad you are having fun :)

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

I am SO glad you had fun! It was so very nice meeting you!!!!!

CathyVal said...

Looking forward to hearing more about the whole weekend and seeing your pictures! Wish I could of went, and I'm only an hour and a half away from Birmingham! But I'm going to CKU this year!