Sunday, March 26, 2006

Nitty.Gritty mailbox

It has come to my attention this past week that I have not been receiving all of my emails for some unknown reason. I feel badly about this and am wondering how many of you out there think that I am some sort of stuck-up snob who can't return a well-intended note. Honestly. I'm really not normally a jerk on purpose- except to the telemarketers that call me right at 5:08pm and my 4 kids are running circles around me practically gnawing my legs off because they just realized at 5:00pm sharp that they are famished. You know- it's probably been at least 22-26 minutes since they ate or dumped the last snack that I fed them on the floor- so they're really, truly hungry by 5:08!
Moreover, most of you know that I have a weird obsession with mail. I love getting it, sending it, decorating packages with big colorful return labels, waiting for it, reading it, rereading short, I just like mail. It may be an obsession- but it's one that I have well under control- I am not even on any medication for it or anything. It's perfectly normal and healthy.
So, to feed this small obsession and to hopefully curb the problem of not getting certain emails, I created a new email account for myself today. I am excited to post my address here... and I hope that you are as excited to see it for yourself. In fact, I've decided that the first 3 people to send me email at my NEW EMAIL ADDRESS will get a personal, handwritten piece of Nitty.Gritty mail in their real mailbox. (Just make sure you include a home address for me to mail it to you.) How's that for excitement?! I don't know who should be more excited about this- you or me?!
I now present to you my newest email address:
Please note...the first three people to email me (not to leave a comment) will get Nitty.Gritty mail. I love and still accept comments too. But you already knew that! Now hurry up so that nobody else beats you in this little Nitty game. Go!
Oh yeah, one more thing to note. Of course I still have my other email account- I intend to keep that open and active and I'll still check it about 6 times a day, as usual. You now have two choices when you really want to send me a note, and I now have two places to read online mail. Boy, first Scrap Etc. event and now TWO mailboxes. I wonder what great thing will happen next?!


Stacy said...

Just had to tell you that I lov eyour blog! And I am right there with you about the mail thing! Love it!

sweet sunshine said...

I love mail too, it just makes you feel good! I especially can't wait to check my email after sending pictures of my girls to people. I tell them to let me know if they received them, just so I know they enjoyed them as much as I do!