Saturday, March 25, 2006

I love...I mean, LOVE my husband's boss!!

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness! I think you should know that I love my husband's boss, because he is the real reason I just got registered and booked my flight to attend this event next month! Chip is headed to Ireland this fall, with his boss- to golf and enjoy the breathtaking countrysides. I wish them well...but more importantly, I get to attend this Scrap Event- just because they are going on their trip. Lucky, lucky me! I'm not going to Ireland- but I feel like the luckiest one here...and besides, my plane ride will be much shorter than theirs.
So, if you are remotely aware of anything inside this ever-growing scrap-industry, you will recognize some of the faces from this promo and should be excited for all these women, because next month they will get to meet me! How cool is that?! They are about to get a real-life dose of Nitty. Gritty. me. I bet they can hardly wait. As for me...well, let's just say this.
I've waited on John Walsh (America's Most Wanted) and Cindy Crawford (Mother and Supermodel), I've had my appearance with Oprah, and now THIS.
What's next for me? I should check with my agent. Actually I just got confirmation that I will be rooming with 'Knitnpurlgirl' at the event. So, for the next few weeks I don't care how many times I'm caught singing the Gidget theme song or sweeping Lucky Charms off the bed...I know in my mind things are okay with my world.
I'm going to Scrap Etc Event. Yea for me!


Mary Alice said...

I have been a lurker here for some time, and have laughed and cried with you many times.

But I just had to let you know that I will at this same event! I am coming with a friend and this will be my first ever scrap experience!!! Now, I am even more excited because of the possibility of meeting you - such an incredibly inspiring person!

I'll be on the lookout and will definitely say hi if I see you!

Suzanne said...

Yeah Jody!!!!! That is so awesome! And all because you don't get to go to Ireland.
I'm sure it will be great! Now Ava can have some lucky charms!!!

Have a great Saturday!!

Virginia said...

Very cool! I just found your blog through Scrap Etc.- can't wait to meet you at the event!

MommyOutOfControl said...

So happy for you, so jealous for me! I am just so excited for my 8 hour scrapathon at my son's school for a fundraiser to be my first scrap experience in 2 weeks that I can't wrap my mind around the joy that would be felt at attending something THAT fabulous! Have a super time! Enjoy every moment!

mommygoingcrazy said...

Vacations are always needed! I just booked my trip to Mexico and I can't hardly wait. But my husband is going with me, the kids get to stay home though!
Have fun with your scraping! I wish you all the fun, rest, and kidless days!
P.S. Love you blog, congrats on your 100th post!

Rhonda said...

Oh you weiner! I wish I could go :) then again I didnt even make it through the 12 hour crop this weekend!

ScrapHappy said...

I love your husband's boss, too!

Can't wait! Just posted on my blog. :)

Valerie said...

ooh how lucky!!! gotta admit i'm torn: Ireland or Scrap Etc....dang! thank heavens i don't have to make that decision!!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome treat for you! I can't wait to meet you. I will be the blond behind the camera. Hah, lets see if you can figure out who I am! It is going to be an awesome event!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great ! I can't wait to meet you! Of course there will only be 400 of us there...just a small crowd!

Adrienne said...

Can't WAIT to meet you! I just found your blog through the Scrap Etc site!!!!

glo-girl said...


I know what you mean...I can't wait for KiwiScraps in August...I get CZ, DD AND Ali!!


Go us!!

Emily said...

Jody-it sounds like a lot of fun!I'll admit, I have never scrapbooked, BUT I have a whole big box full of materials. It's just the time/place to do it/etc. that's holding me back. But you'd be proud of me...on April 14th MOPS is hosting a scrapbooking party at the Hampton Inn and I'm going to that. You're gonna have a blast!!

CathyVal said...

Hi .. I am here by way of the Scrap Etc message board! Unfortunately I won't be at the event, I'm planning on going to CKU & another scrapbook retreat. Have alot of fun and I look forward to popping in and reading your blog!!

lisa said...

Love your blog! I hope I get to meet you at the event. You are an inspiration!

Christina said...

That is such a great ad- I have no idea what scrap etc. is, but I'm so happy for you to go to it! Especially with who will be there. SO fun.

Gosh I love gerber daisies. they're just so happy, don't you think?

Ireland would be nice, but a whole bunch of time to scrap? wow- that would be sooooo cool to me.

Elizabeth said...

oooh, lucky ducky. : )

wendymorris said...

Looking forward to meeting you at Scrap Etc event next month!!!! :)