Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I should get my own product line...

I must have a little bit of Scrap Etc Event on my mind, so bear with me. Actually some of you die-hard scrappers will probably be ready to head to to place your order for this item- I know what you people are like. If it's funky and new- you just gotta have it!
Hold on for a minute. This is just another design idea I made up in Photoshop this morning. If I had more time I would have done the mixer in a cool, custom pattern, but after yesterday's post I realize I have more important tasks at hand. I am totally digging the idea of designer kitchenaid mixers- even beyond the 240 colors that already exist. I can totally picture a turquoise/orange/green paisley print mixer on my counter. Or a brown and pink polka dot one. How fun would that be to make big batches of buttercream in?!!! And of course I would dig a matching Nitty.Gritty. mixer to go with my tumbler. That would take the cake.
In thinking about and learning some of what is involved with this scrap event I am attending next month I find I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. In a good way, I guess, but still a bit uncertain about what to expect. I love paper and embellishments and design stuff and even different kinds of adhesive... but I'm not really a scrap person at heart. I've only made 2 actual paper layouts in my life. I've done some digital scrapping and I've made plenty of handmade cards- but this event is going to be intense. Here's a good analogy to convey what I am feeling. I have logged a lot of hours in hospitals and ER visits the past few years, and I am fairly comfortable in hospital settings considering how many trips I've taken there. I know generally what to expect when I step through the doors of a medical facility. However, you won't find me performing surgery or even taking vitals. I'm usually more of an onlooker. That's how I feel about this event.
I can tell you that I'm excited about it. I know I'm going to have a great time. I just have this weird feeling other people will wonder what I'm doing there. I'm scared that I may get kicked out of class for not staying on task or finishing a project.
Speaking of project, someone commented that I look like Heidi Swapp- which I take as a major compliment~ so I think I might just make a t-shirt that reads "No. I'm not heidi swapp." =)
To all of you non-scrappers, maybe one day you'll understand all this designer-fun I'm having!!!


CathyVal said...

I agree you do favor Heidi Swapp!!!

Kelli said...

Too funny I think you should get the'll prolly be the most talked to : )

ScrapHappy said...

Paper scrapping does not a scrapper make! You have the HEART of a scrapbooker, my dear, and that is what counts... And I am known for giggling too much and will have trouble staying on task with you... I was so bad about going to class in college. I'm lucky I graduated! ;)

We are going to have a blast, I guarantee. If nothing else, we'll wander around and pretend we're famous, asking people if they read our blogs and asking them if they want our autographs and headshots.

Not to worry, dearie, it's going to be FUN. Fun. FUN!

Katrina said...

You are going to have SO MUCH FUN!!

hey...I think Nitty.Gritty. lip balm is a must, don't you?

suburban mom said...

I'll take the brown and pink polka dot one! :)

KathyG said...

You are going to have so much fun. I wish that I could go too. I would stand in line to have my picture taken with you. :)
I am with Katrina I think you need to have some Nitty Gritty lip balm.


Tiffany said...


really LOOOOOVE the heidi swapp kitchen aide. i have actually been drooling over a red one but i would take this one any day!


glo-girl said...

So where do I pre-order this HS mixer?


Kidding, of course.

Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

LOL... love it lady! : )

deene said...

I'll take one! But I want it to say "Deene Souza" with the same amount of name recognition in the industry. K? Can't wait to meet you at the Scraps Etc event. I'm going too!