Sunday, March 12, 2006

How's your weekend shaping up?

Probably not too shabby compared to mine. Here are three out of four of my kids that are typically running all over my house. In the above picture they are actually looking very perky compared to yesterday. As I stated in my post on Friday, husband was to be away all weekend at a golf show. Well, after our daughter (in the pink tshirt), Wyndham continued to decline and dehydrate, I called him back to help me out. I've logged about 8-9 hours of combined sleep since Thursday, and Wyndham hadn't kept down any fluids since then.
So, Chip and Wyndham spent the afternoon at our local ER. Not really a fun thing to do on the first warm, sunny day of the spring season. No, not a fun thing at all- even on a not-so-sunny-day of spring. I read a lot about people struggling to find balance in their lives these days.
Try my life on for a few minutes. It rips my heart out watching one of my kids so sick- and so often. [This trip to the ER for IV fluids and observation one of about 12 times this has happened in the past 3 years. Wyndham has an ever-growing collection of hospital bands to prove it.] Then the others have their wants, needs and agenda. Something always has to be sacrificed for something else. It's never an easy thing to let one kid down- especially when you have no choice- like in this case- because of illness.
I try my best. I look for solutions and compromises. Both Chip and I look at ways to make the tough moments of our lives easier to swallow. Yesterday it looked this way...
Chip had to cover his job and make a trip 3 hours over and then back to Novi today. He took Wyndham in to the hospital- normally she would have to be admitted- but this visit Chip knew the ER doctor on call. The Dr. gave us his home number and allowed Chip to bring Wyndham home for observation and advised us to help her get more fluids and rest. Trust me- you always sleep better at home in your own bed than at a hospital- unless you're on a high dose of morphine.
I got to spend the afternoon with my other 3 kids playing outside with the neighbors and enjoying the fresh air. Chip had promised Brock some Krispy Kremes- so those were dessert last night- only a couple of hours old. Yum-o. Then, to top it off I joined Bella in the jacuzzi for a little spa-treatment...we even lit the ginger-citrus candle for effect.
Today has been a bit laid back- with day old Krispy Kremes and easing back into a normal routine. I still don't get why poor Wyndham has to always be the one to suffer so much. I still wish I could have had my normal amount of sleep and that Chip could have spared himself all the extra hassle and miles on the road. But the bottom line is that despite all the rough spots this weekend, I can honestly say it wasn't that bad and it even had it's bright spots. I hope your weekend played out even better than mine. Although I just pulled 4 small loaves of zucchini bread out of my oven- so you're gonna have to top the smell of fresh baked bread and clean sheets in the house. How's that for balancing life? A trip to the ER, lacking sleep and still baking and blogging. I'm sure you can top that!


ScrapHappy said...

Oh, Jody-
Hugs to the whole Ferlaak clan. Poor Wyndham. What troopers you and Chip are. I so admire the way you handle these challenges -- big and small - with the acceptance and joy you do.
Zucchini bread... ahhh... None o' that until I finish another couple weeks of this stupid diet. Ick.

rhonda said...

Poor Wyndham. This crazy MI weather doesnt help matters any. I prayed for an illness free spring for you and us! I am glad you figured out a way to make the best of the semi-bad weekend. Zucchinni bread.

Even though Wyndham was sick that is an awesome pic of the three. It has such a laid back feeling to it.

Dee said...

Hey there
Just found your blog via Wendy. Read your profile and thought "thats me" IN all aspects except that we only have 4 children. 3 that live with us.
Love your blog. Love that you are so real! Hope Wyndham is improving. Its always horrible to have our kids sick.
Take care of you!

Christina said...

Sorry to hear about Wyndham. Hope she's feeling loads better soon and with krispy kremes in the house, who wouldn't.
incidentally, do you nuke your day old kremes for 11 secs to bring them back to life? oooo, so good and definitely YUM-O!

Melissa~ said...

Just catching up on blogs, hope Wyndham is feeling better. I am praying for her and super mommy strength for you. :)

And by the way, what about the *recipe* for the zucchini bread?? Sounds yum!


i *heart* paper said...

Precious photo!!! So sweet. Hope everyone feels better soon :-)