Friday, February 10, 2006

{On a lighter note}

Whoa. I reread my statement from yesterday and feared that unless I post something a bit more upbeat I could risk losing all 10 of you consistent blog fans of mine! I have mixed emotions after yesterday's entry, but what stands out most to me is the statement regarding "this horrible woman who has destroyed my life." I read that now and realize that it is no longer true in my life. My life may have been temporarily destroyed- but I am happy to say that in just 4 short years I have a lot of happiness, joy and gratitude in life. In fact, if you met me and my family out and about somewhere, or saw us dining together or doing some other daily ritual you would probably think we were just another ordinary family. We bear very few physical scars and would probably surprise you with the amount of smiles and laughs we share after living through some horrible things. I guess I am proud of that in a sense.
That our lives were derailed for a time, but that we've gotten back on track and are living a beautiful life- makes me happy. As I guess it should. I might as well say it.
As for the lighter note...I did the above scrap page awhile back from an online class by Cathy Zielske at It's titled "Did you know? 5 Random Facts about Me". If you click on it I think you can read the journal blocks. If not, just enjoy the bright spring colors and I'll post the facts later on.
I promise to keep things a bit lighter around here for a few days. I need humor myself, as a couple of family members have had the "sickies" around here.


Rhonda said...

Awesome page! Although your last post was a bit deep. It was something that was on your mind and needed to be said. You needed to say it. Your have to accept the deep as well as the lighthearted in your acceptance of people. No one is bright cheery sunshine 24 hours a day. That is what makes you human.

I enjoy being one of your 10 fans!

Michelle said...

OK, I think you have way more than 10 fans! They are just all in awe of you and do not know what to say. Even if those people do not comment, I am sure your entries are in their thoughts all the time. Yesterdays entry was heartbreaking, but such great way for us to see the reality of what you have faced. What you have gone through is every parents worst fear and you have shown how you have picked up the pieces and can once again laugh & smile.. something that at one point seemed impossible.
Thak You!

Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

i love it jodi! great work and the colors are wonderful!!!
i love weddings too. : ) it was so much fun to plan and go through. my best friends are wedding planners. they did most of mine when they were first starting out also.
LOL- at your 10 fans comment!
i need to read the post below and catch up with that... : )

Meredith said...

I knew I loved you for a reason (other than your beautiful insights and perspective)...I love vanilla too...vanilla flavored anything, vanilla bath products, vanilla candles, etc. Loved your page.

Robin said...

My bed is unmade as I type...but it too will be made before I lay donw to sleep tonight.
My mom is a wedding planner.
Vanilla I like, chocolate I can do without.
It's nice to know there are others like myself in this world.
Your post made me cry yesterday. Thank you for sharing. I hugged my children a little harder last night.

Christina said...

I have some catching up to do here, but wanted to say I love your blog, your LO (it reminds me of those real simple pages where they tell you fun stuff and cool facts).

Thanks for being you!

kellicrowe said...

1. are you tall? you can never tell on line and i am not and one day i hope to meet you and i just need to prepare myself for tall and stunning. the stunning part...i see that already.
2. love this lo. i adore weddings too. i am contatntly re-planning my own over and over. hubby finally said that i only get one. duh. but still:)
3. to answer you question: yes. i am funny and sarcastic and completely delightful ALL THE TIME. haha. yes...and my hair looks super every day too.
4. your blog yest. i think it is healthy to have a reality check (say for me) from time to time. reading that was a dose of reality for me. i am so thankful for your family's ability to go on and seek happiness. that is really a testiment to you all:)
have a super weekend

cuznred said...

You are amazing. I love your page. I feel a connection with you and I'm very thankful that I've found your blog. Thank you for sharing...the good and the sad.

The stories you tell of Teagen are parallel to the stories I have of my daughter, almost as if they're barbie loving twins. Since reading your blog, I step back more often to enjoy the little things, things I never would have considered before. For instance: I put some of my makeup on my 3 year old this moring before she headed off to preschool. She asks me every morning and every morning I tell her she'll grow up soon enough. But after reading your blog yesterday, I know that we can't take that for granted, I realized. It made her day, and I will cherish the memory of her big smile and my mocha lipstick on her beautiful face forever. Thank you for making me conscious of living in the now, I am afraid without you I would have bypassed all of these little things, unknowingly.

Jana said...

You can count me as one of your faithful blog readers as well even though I don't always have time to comment. I admire you SO MUCH, Jodi.

Knit and Purl Grrl said...

Jody, I encourage you to keep posting and blogging from your heart. I love reading your words because I know they are true, not whitewash. There's enough whitewash in the world -- I want to see the Shabby Chic shining through! That is what Nitty.Gritty is all about, to me. HUGS.
PS I love the page. Beautiful colors! Can you tell I am catching up on my blog reading???