Monday, February 13, 2006

Look closely.

Look closely. I'm a big believer in the phrase, "Things aren't always what they appear to be." I know for a fact that there are "false" images that come our way everyday. You see, I have limited graphic skills, programs and abilities and yet I am capable of pulling off believable pics- to some degree. The above photo of me wearing a "Nitty.Gritty.Have you read my blog today?" tshirt is only partially real. It's really me in the picture. But the tshirt was plain black when I was wearing it. I added the text in PhotoShop. I could have played with it more and made it curve and wrinkle where there actually are curves and wrinkles (more than I'd like to admit sometimes!), and it would be even more believable. It's a shameless self-promotion- one that I am looking forward to turning into reality as soon as the Heidi Swapp iron-ons come out in her next line of great products!
Who wants to buy and wear one of these??!!
As for the cookies. In case you keep asking yourself "Why do I keep coming over here to this blog?" and you're still not sure why, maybe this will explain it. I just made Valentine cookies for a preschool party...and in keeping with my quirky character, I made mice, cows and just so I wouldn't scare the really traditional, conservative preschool kids' parents, I made hearts too. I know I'm a little odd and it would have saved me extra time and effort to just stick to simple hearts- but I adopted a life mission statement years ago and it still surfaces at opportune times, like 9:00 pm last night when I was cutting out sugar cookies.
This is the motto, "Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary?!" There are days I don't do one thing crazy or even remotely out of the routine. But there are other times when I jump at the chance to do something a bit "out there". Yep. Living on the edge with these mice cookies. When was the last time you ate a cow Valentine cookie. Ever?
Maybe that's why you keep coming back here. To see how people live on "the other side". Have a Nitty.Gritty. off-the-wall kind of Monday. You may end up having to explain yourself or face the funny looks from the other parents or people around you, but most of the time it's worth it inside. Just knowing you're being a little bit extraordinary. Life goes by so quickly- we shouldn't get so stuck in our routine's that we miss the flair along the way!


{change in plans} said...

I've been reading your blog regularly...even commented a time or two. Love your outlook on life and the energy you share. Love your on your previous post.
May have to make my own t-shirt for myself!

Katrina said...

As soon as I opened this up, I said "I NEED one of those tshirts!!"

LOL on the cookies.

Anonymous said...

just wanted to let you know Heidi Swapp iron-ons are already on the market and available!!!! Looks like you won't have to wait long to make your T-shirt.

Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

OMGOODNESS! totally cracking up here today... i'm catching up on your blog entries and i had to laugh at this! Mice and Cow cookies- I love it! I think I felt this way right after I had my kids... because I was stuck in this baby routine... and I wanted to get out of routine somewhat. I totally agree with you... Mice and cows... gotta love em! LOL : )
I still feel this way with toddlers. It's okay to do different things each day.

Knit and Purl Grrl said...

I am going to adopt your motto, if it is alright with you! The world needs more EXTRAORDINARY people and moments.