Monday, January 16, 2006

"We still like each other."

Wow. I can't believe how wonderful silence is. Chip and I took off on Friday afternoon and drove from Michigan to Cedar Rapids, IA...just the two of us. (Thank you, thank you Rachael- in every language I can think of!) We have lots of kids, lots of noise, lots of long work hours- at jobs and at home, and never get away from it all-together- alone. We were only gone from Friday til Sunday night, but it's amazing to me how we feel refreshed as a couple. We were able to sit in the car and at meals and have complete thoughts. Total silence- if we wanted. No yelling, no scolding, no whining, no eye-rolling {Wait a minute. Chip rolled his eyes a few times at when I scanned the radio stations and the song "Jack & Diane" was just starting- so I crancked it REALLY loud and did a silly dance move. I know he loved it- but he rolled his eyes as if it were really immature. Which it was. But I didn't care....I was being the "me" that's been stifled a bit by motherhood. But not at that moment. I was back- in rare form. And if that meant I would get a funny look now and then- it was worth it to me. And I know Chip was smiling on the inside- to know that I'm still the same person he fell in love with in 1994. And besides, what else could I do in a situation like that? When the music takes you, you have no choice right?! So, there were a few moments like that in which Chip gave me a funny look or just smiled and went along with it- It was great!}
Did you read the title quote of this post? It's an actual quote that I made enroute home. I was looking at Chip driving. I guess it was one of those looks that started to impose on his personal space because he simply said, "what?!" I smiled and said, "It's nice to know that we still like each other." I think I was a little nervous that we might run out of conversation, or that we might have some tense moments or that there might be topics we'd have to avoid- but it all worked out really well. We shared, laughed, reminisced, reflected, and enjoyed one another's company. It was more than I had hoped for- our agenda was mostly unplanned. Our weekend was simple and casual and without incident. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Only maybe it won't be another 9 years before the next time! If I had bought the cute Coach purse that I kept picking up and running my fingers over and putting on my shoulder and looking in the mirror to see how great it helped me to look and feel; I would have posted a picture of it for sure. But, I went with the whole, "It's just not something I need- it wouldn't be practical" rationale. That's so me. To think thoughtfully and practically before buying. I can thank my parents for that deep-rooted characteristic. That's all for now!!


vicki golden said...

The question is...did you like each other when you got home? LOL!
Good for you! Get away more often.
It's great marriage counciling isn't? and there was no fee or a stranger in the room with you! hehehe!

Katrina said...

Woo hoo! I'm so glad that you had a great weekend. LOL on the rocking to Jack & Diane.

Emily said...

It's so great to hear that you and your husband still get along and enjoy each other's company after all these years and the stress of raising a family and all the ups and downs you've been through. I know it's not always easy. My husband and I aren't doing too well right now (marraige-wise) and as always you're an inspiration.

Jana said...

So glad you got some couple time, all couples need a bit of that every now & then. Good for you!!!