Thursday, January 12, 2006

I've been "double-tagged".

So there's this game of tag going around the blog world as many of you know. I got tagged twice- so instead of leaving 4 answers for each section, I am giving myself the liberty of 8. Okay here goes...
List {4} jobs you have held:
1. Worked at the YMCA childcare room...and after that decided I never EVER wanted to have kids. In fact, I made my hubby agree a hundred times to that before I accepted his marriage proposal. (Now here we are 5 kids later, hmmm.)
2. Waitressing- from Baker's Square to Byerly's (graveyard shift I used to wait on Prince's drummer & guitarist), to Timberlodge Steakhouse (where Hubby & I met) to Paninos- (on Rice Street in Roseville, MN or Arden Hills- check this place out!!, to Champp's, to TGIFriday's to Pearl's Bistro (where I waited on John Walsh- America's Most Wanted & Cindy Crawford once). Wowsers. I think I even left a couple places out. I have done my time serving people...and for your information- made a LOT OF TIPS too!
3. Office assistant at Interlachen Country Club in Minneapolis.
4. DOing graphic design/layouts for small print shop...that's where I grew to LOVE fonts!
5. Currently I am "Event coordinator" at a Golf CLub, where I work weddings and other functions when they are scheduled- it keeps me very busy on the weekends all summer.
These last 3 are unpaid jobs/volunteer work I have had...6. Walking dogs at Humane Society
7. Teaching Vacation Bible School
8. Wife/Mother

Name {4} Movies you could watch over & over:
1. Down With Love
2. The Princess Bride
3. Titanic
4. The Sound of Music
5. About a Boy (Hugh Grant)
6. Big Daddy
7. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
8. Schindler's List
side note here...been almost 2 years since I've been in a movie theater.

Name {4} places you've lived:
1. St. Cloud, MN
2. Woodbury, MN
3. Bloomington, MN
4. Minnetonka, MN
5. Roseville, MN
6. Vero Beach, FL
7. Gaylord, MI
8. Grand Haven area, MI

Name {4} television shows you watch: (I'm serious about these!! Kids always have the control.)
1. Blue's Clues
2. Dora the Explorer
3. Max & Ruby
4. Diego
5. The get the picture. I rarely watch tv. When I do I like...
6. Food Network...Rachel Ray, Everyday Italian, Paula Deen, Semi-homemade, Good Eats...
7. News shows, ie. Dateline, 20/20 that kind of stuff
8. ER and old Friends episodes

Name {4} Places you've been on vacation:
Okay, my list just got shortened from 8 to however many I can recall. You see, outside of traveling back to MN to see relatives it's been a LOOONNGG time. In fact, other than being flown and put up in a hotel overnight to tape the Oprah show (which doesn't even count as a vacation) Chip & I haven't been away from the kids for 9 years. I know, I know. I've heard about what Dr. Phil thinks of people like us- but either I've been pregnant or nursing- or we've had serious health issues that have made it all but impossible to go somewhere. Anyway, tomorrow we are going to try to head down to Cedar Rapids, IA for the weekend to go to a friend's BDay party. Again, not really a vacation- but we will get away from the kids for more than 6 hours. All I know is I better not turn up pregnant after this!
Okay. Back to the places...we did spend a few days at the American Club in Kohler, WI. I HIGHLY recommend this place. It was awesome for our family the first Christmas after losing Teagan. Also, we honeymooned in Kauai, HI, we've driven from northern Michigan to Scottsdale, AZ with 3 kids in carseats. I guess vacations will come as our kids grow a bit. Hopefully.

Name {4} websites you check out each day: Here I could just list a bunch of blogs...that's pretty much what I do online...then I click on links to cool places from the blogs I read. Here they are:
1. Cathy Zielske's blog (She's the first blog I ever read and I'm still reading her!)
2. My own blog (Always gotta check out if there's comments or anything going on)
3. Elsie Flannigan's blog (She's young, funky and how I wish I could have been at her age...except maybe not married at her age.)
4. Stacy Julian's- Big Picture (This one is stretching me.)
5. Katrina- Being 30-something (Lovin' my lipbalm friend!!)
6. Greta- vintageliving4me (Her thoughts are always, well, thoughtful.)
7. Heidi Swapp's blog (She's funky, lovable and I just love pink & brown too!)
8. Ali Edward's blog (She and I are almost polar opposites- but can't help but love her love for art and creating...wish I had her studio space & stuff to play with.)

Name {4} of your favorite foods: These actually vary with the seasons. I have favorites for different times of the year...and some I wish I could eat year round. By the way- I will be making my Carmel French Toast very soon- I bought all the ingredients today!
1. Lobster Bisque or Pumpkin bisque
2. Pastries of all kinds- especially cream-filled or cream puffs or Hot-n-Now Krispy Kremes!!
3. Fresh seasonal berries- all kinds
4. Coconut stuff- like creme brulee, or ice cream
5. Thai peanut food- salads, wraps, entrees...
6. Authentic Italian- like with sundried tomatoes and pinenuts & goat cheese
7. Ruth Chris' steakhouse kind of steak...buttery and tender
8. Emeril's Hot Fudge Breadpudding with Bourbon spiced whipped cream!

Name {4} places you'd rather be right now:
1. Heaven
2. Anywhere back in time from March '97 thru July '01 just to see and hold Teagan again...
3. Heaven
4. With family in MN
5. Heaven
6. With friends I love to hang out with that don't live around here
7. Heaven
8. Did you notice a common thread here?! I can't wait for eternity someday! It's gonna be GREAT!!!

And now, I'm supposed to tag {4} more people...but since I'm going away for the weekend and I won't be around to check up on all them, I'll just stop the game here. But, if you like, you can list some of your favorites in the comments. I hope I find a way to enjoy my weekend instead of worrying about my kids the whole time. Actually, I'm more worried for Rachael!! Wish us all luck!


Cathy said...

Jody -

How nice to meet you after being tagged with you... I'm just sure I'm going to spend the whole evening here reading about your life.

I get sucked in so easily. LOL!

Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

Jody- I truly hope you have/had a wonderful weekend. You deserve it. : )
I can totally relate on the vacations.. Haven't seen one in 3 yrs really now. And our TV stayed on Nick Jr before we had to get rid of it. Now it's PBS. You just made me very hungry listing all of that yummy food. And heaven can't come any sooner, I agree. Thanks for playing. I enjoyed reading this. :)

Angie said...

Jody- I too hope you have a GREAT weekend with little worries. I enjoyed reading your tagged responses. I grew up in WIndom MN and my Mom went to College in St Cloud. Small world. I can't imagine what you have been thru - it is the worst nightmare for most of us. But you are living proof of good and God. Thank you for sharing your story!!!

Gretchen said...

I had to laugh at your tv show list... the majority of those are always on at my house... as I listen to Go Deigo Go as I type, lol!

Kate said...

i just stumbled upon your blog through a link from stacy julian. i read your story some time ago and was amazed then at your strength and courage. to come across this inspired me and helped me to realize a few things......"do't sweat the small stuff" I have spent my week in worry and for what? I need to stop and enjoy. my 8 year old fell asleep on my lap tonight right next to my 5 year old who lost his first tooth today. could i be any more blessed? thanks.


Katrina said...

Jody, I just came back for the upteenth time to read this list again...and I'm CRACKING UP at the "hope I don't turn up pregnant" remark...I'll be emailing you for the status! :)

Jana said...

I always love reading these things!! I was cracking up over your longer funny!