Sunday, December 04, 2005

These are the "good ol' days"!

How cute is this? These are two of my munchkins, Brock and Wyndham, that I tried to get posed for a picture last week. I sat them next to one another and told Brock to put his arm around Wyndham and "sit close together." When I couldn't get them to look at me and sit nice I decided to let them giggle and do their thing. Wyndham then pushed Brock down and laughed when he tried to wrestle with her. I told them to look at me again...and this is the shot I got. Totally tells the story about the brother/sister bond. It's about having fun and teasing and making the other one laugh or cry. We have a lot of all of that around our house. One day I will miss all the noise and clutter. I'll have peace and quiet and wonder where these days went. So, for now, even though I'm busy and stressed sometimes and feel like I do a lousy job as a Mom on most days, I treasure every moment. And when I hear the laughter and see smiles on their faces, the I know there's love here. That's what matters. And hopefully that is what they'll remember.

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Dead Man Blogging said...

Hi Jody: I stop by and peruse your blog every now and then (thanks for doing the same for me), and you really hit a chord for me on this one. As a slightly-older parent with a couple of little ones I have the perspective to truly understand that these are indeed the "good ol' days," and yes they do fly by. Sometimes I wish the kids could stay like this forever, and to relate this to one of your recent blogs, how can one complain about the small stuff when you have but to look into your children's smiles and be uplifted? I hope others heed your message and never take their kids for granted. -DMB