Thursday, December 22, 2005

Picture of us.

Me and Chip. Together, alone in a picture. It's ironic that you spend the first day of your life together {your wedding day} taking so many pictures that your mouths hurt from smiling so much. And then over the course of the next several years- 10 so far in our case- you rarely find opportunities to get pictures together. Wait. That's because we have so many kids. If we didn't have kids we'd probably have a lot of pictures of us, alone, together. I wouldn't trade my kids for anything- but I am happy that we had a picture snapped of us in which we are both smiling, have our eyes open and both like ourselves in the shot. That's a minor miracle to pull off. Must be my new camera. It's making me happy already! That's all for today. Happy 4 days til Christmas.


Katrina said...

What a beautiful picture! Love it.

Toni said...

Fantastic picture....what a cute couple!