Monday, December 12, 2005

Never take a moment of this life for granted.

In case you haven't learned this lesson or put it into practice recently, heed it today. A very dear friend of mine has lost her best friend in the world tonight. It happened suddenly and it has reaffirmed the reality of life to me. Which is this. Life has no guarantees. Anyone of us could be gone tomorrow. We are not promised our next breath- but it is something that is second nature to most and we never give it much thought.
I want you to tell someone today how much you love them. That you would miss them in your life if they were gone. Don't forget to laugh once in awhile or to do something spontaneous- it will be those memories that you will cling to when the time comes for you to say goodbye.
And most importantly, I hope that you have assurance of Heaven. I hope you know without a doubt that if you were to die at anytime your next breath would be breathed in Heaven. If you're not sure where you would go, I urge you to email me so that we can find out together. It's easy to say "Live life to the fullest" and then get overwhelmed trying to do it all and pile up debt and stress in the process. I think it's most important to touch the lives of those you love most in a meaningful way so that your life leaves a print on their hearts forever.

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yvonne said...

there are some people in this world that get it and some who don't. you definitely get it. Life is short, no guarantees. Every DAY is a gift, we can either chose to be helpful or inspirational to others or go through life taking whatever we can. Your blog is an inspiration. It puts things into perspective.
Thank you and I'm so glad I found you.