Monday, November 21, 2005

Simple pleasures...

Here are some things that cost nothing but can really make my day...
I love, love love climbing into my freshly made bed- crisp, clean sheets. Love 'em.
...hearing songs that remind me of Teagan- my 4 year old in Heaven...she was a great little singer and dancer and even when certain songs cause tears to well up in me- the music still makes me smile- because I am thinking of her.
...setting my coffee pot on auto so that my Starbuck's is brewing when I wake up.
...watching my kids give their Daddy hugs and kisses- especially when they get up in a good mood and want to smother him or snuggle for a few minutes.
...reading a verse from the Bible that makes me feel like God understands me or a situation I may be dealing with- gotta like knowing that God is in control!
...getting handwritten notes in the mail- especially when they are sent "just to say hello".
There you go. A little bit more about me. See? I'm not as crazy as some people might think. Hope your day is filled with simple pleasures too. Drop me a note and tell me some of your "free simple pleasures of life."

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Chanel said...

Hi Jody,
I have just stumbled onto your blog, from Heidi swapps blog actually ... I don't know your whole story but from what I can gather my heart goes out to you in the biggest way. I too am a Christian and appreciate the help God's strength gives, it is great its helped you. I live in Australia so am reaching you from afar. I have 3 girls and try and fit scrapbooking in too ... I too love Heidi's style and products ... she's very clever. I am rambling, its late here and I should really be asleep ... your comment touched me, so felt the need to send you a message. Take care. I am hoping to get my own blog soon as am totally into it - have to look into how to do it
luv Chanel