Monday, November 21, 2005

More thoughts...

Hi. I bet some of you thought something bad happened to me- I've skipped 2 days of blogging. I know, I know...I've missed you too! But, I found that life still goes on even when I can't get near a computer or log on. I was busy with real life.
I worked 2 weddings- got only 3 hours of sleep one night before my kids were up and wanting breakfast and me to rebuild their fort. I worked the 2nd wedding (Yes, I do tire of hearing Neil Diamond and other "traditional" wedding dance music- but some of it is beginning to grow on me...), and then got caught up in family life and doing some "design stuff".
Anyway, here I am- with more stuff to share. I was struck by some of the things the father-of-the-bride spoke of at one of the weddings this weekend. He was praising his daughter and gushing, as most fathers do at their daughter's wedding, and then remarked about the bride and groom and how he loves the "enthusiasm, passion and vigor" he sees in their relationship.
My mind of course got sidetracked as I started thinking about all the words people might use to sum up my relationship to my husband, Chip.
I've mentioned that we celebrated 10 years of marriage- and we do indeed love one another very much. But- I wonder if I could use the words enthusiasm, passion and vigor- in a "good" way. I mean, we "debate issues" with passion. We are enthusiastic when we discuss how our kids have been behaving on a particular day. We make time for each other when it works in our schedules- but that's not really something we do with vigor.
Those are three words I am going to push myself to regain in my marriage relationship. Maybe I will use those as my challenge words in other aspects of my life as well. I imagine things would be different from the moment I awoke if I had those words in my thoughts as I went about my day. They are lofty goals in some areas- like at mealtime, for instance. What if I get enthusiastic about cooking my kids dinner again? Granted some meals can be a real delight at my home- the kids turn pudding into arts & craft time. Or they can be passionate about dipping stuff in sauces and I can get worked up when it starts getting all over the place. So, maybe I'll push myself to love without limits- even at if it involves more housekeeping for me. I can always try...if I fail, at least I tried. And if it works- then that means I will have stretched myself and become more passionate, enthusiastic and vigorous.
Yikes! That almost sounds a bit scary- like a supercharged me. Maybe I'll stick to just being "Buttercream Jody" this week. And in case he happens upon my blog...Happy Birthday, (big brother) Marc. Hope your day was full and perhaps you got to taste some buttercream icing.

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