Saturday, September 28, 2013

Time for "Sweater Weather"!

This is the day that for the big reveal of Cocoa Daisy's October kit~ Sweater Weather. Here in Michigan the weather is actually more summerlike than fall, but I don't mind a bit! We still have some settling in to do at our house and I have had fun getting my scrap loft area unpacked so that I could scrap again. This kit is definitely filled with touches of autumn, but the colors and patterns of everything in it speak to much more than that too! I played with the pale orange and blue combo on a couple of my layouts. It has a lot of woodgrain and nature in it, which is always one of my favorite things! So feel free to join a bunch of us on the message boards tonight and get in on the sweater weather action firsthand. It's a fun night to be online at Cocoa Daisy!
I had to share a picture of our bed that we had ordered and was delivered this week. It is tall compared to our former bed, but we love the look of it and I am now watching for some fall/winter bedding to make it extra cozy when the cool weather does show up! For now the windows are still open during the day and the leaves around us have yet to change color. The golfers are still passing through our backyard all day long as we look out onto the 9th tee. The kids are still playing chalk on our driveway and the air is fresh and warm. I am soaking up as much of this kind of late summer-like weather as possible.
As always, I hope to blog more than I do as well! Maybe one day life will settle down into a routine. For now, it is still busy, busy busy. The kids all started school at one place, and then within a week we had transferred them to a new school. So between 5 school campuses and moving into a new house in the past month we still don't have a 'normal' schedule and are still making sense out of all the new things in our lives and spaces. But so far the transitions have gone mostly well. We feel very blessed. The sunrises are still beautiful each day, and with the exception of a few mild colds, we are all doing great. Just this morning Chip, Teague and I went to the local Farmer's Market. We have a bushel of Honey Crisp apples to enjoy as a result. There will likely be some baking in my future, and if you have a tried and true favorite apple recipe, feel free to share it with me in the comments today. Sometimes I love the changing seasons. When it means new recipes and warm weather, what's not to love?! Happy Autumn to you and yours! xo

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