Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hey, hey...it's me again!

I have been so busy with summertime. And recently with scrapping again too! Needless to say, I have been way too "quiet" around here and I know I keep promising to post more often. I am going to keep that promise soon. I am not just typing that this time either. So for all of you who keep checking in here for something- anything- I am not always sure what you are hoping to see or read, but more is coming. =) Feel free to write me a note about what you DO like to see when you drop by here. And I will be mindful of that as get back to more regular blogging. In the meanwhile, it's not like I am quiet all the time. I am on Face Book way too often and sometimes do "live chats" on my wall if you want to find me there. Come on over and friend me and get your dose of Nitty.Gritty. facebook style. =)
I hope you are having a full and wonderful summer. Ours has been hot- just like most of yours has been too. Stay cool and I'll be checking back soon and looking forward to your suggestions in my comments. Say hi!


MelanieL said...

I'll friend you on facebook...our mutual FB friend, Ellen, introduced us a awile back:) I like all your posts!

Cricket Rawlins said...

Happy to see you scrapping and blogging!


My name is Amee said...

Hi!! So glad you're scrapping again! Love you scrapbook page! Do you digitally scrap or paper or both?
I love visiting your blog and love to read about your family. :)
I would love to see some info / tutorials for scrappin'. :)
I'll add you on facebook too!!!
I too just started scrapping again..i do a little of both paper & digital.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! =) I have always loved seeing your scrap layouts, your home-baked goods and photos of your busy life! Glad to hear you are well and just busy!
Tammy in Michigan

Denise said...

Yeah. Can't wait to see what you are up to.
wow. I need to just come here when I think I am busy or tired. :)

marge said...

Welcome back! Love your scrapbook page - I'm a scrapper as well. Not sure how to catch up to you on FB, but would love to check in there as well - your family is so sweet. I'm always cheering you on as you cross those unexpected hurdles that have been thrown your way so often. So glad to hear your happiness through the blog-waves!

MaRia said...

I like all that you write but especially the blessings and struggles of a large family, coping and changing nature of grief esp in you marriage, and how you remember Teagan, privately and with your family.

Nilsa said...

Welcome back to scrapbooking! Great layouta!