Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sometimes it's best to look at the bigger picture.

I recently started a Biblestudy at my church with a group of women and the first two week's topics have been joy and peace respectively. I wonder if it is more than coincidence that these two topics were first up- which just happen to be two of the things I have been praying for more of in my life. I don't know why it is, but even after all the years I have spent getting to know God better and having a personal relationship with Him through His son, Jesus, I still find myself surprised and amazed when He seems to listen to and/or respond to my prayers.

It has been good for my heart and soul to have this time with other women who have hearts longing to know God more and live according to what He has called each of us to; it has been good for my heart and soul to dig deeper into the Scripture and "see and hear" stuff that is always there, but doesn't always jump out at me during my morning quiet times. It has also been good for me to be reminded of the many ways God has, does and WILL work in my life and in the world around us.

I happened to add a few photos to my FaceBook account this week and at one point I clicked on an album titled, "Snapshots of 2011". I was surprised and the number of photos I had taken and uploaded through the year. It was fun to see the different highlights that I had added and as I looked at the screen with all the smiles and happy memories it was like a little wave washed over me. It was the kind of wave where I almost couldn't believe I was looking at "my life". The pictures above are some of the photos I was looking at. I smiled to myself and thought, "ow lucky am I that these are the pictures and memories and people in my life?!"

Far too many times and through the stress of daily living, I find that I just get dragged down. What these little thumbnails reminded me of is just how much I have to be grateful for. I DO have reason to be filled with joy each day! I DO change diapers non-stop and wash lots of dirty clothes and more bedding than I care to admit that I do each week. I do have dreams and wishes for my husband and kids that go unfulfilled each day- and many of my own that take a backseat to life right now. But more than anything the Biblestudy and seeing these pictures and sensing that God has me right where He wants me to be right now has been a wonderful, calm reassurance in my life this past week.

I don't know what the Snapshots of 2012 will include, but I do know that even through the daily trials and stuff that seems monotonous and routine around here, there is sure to be some truly happy times; some memories that I will treasure for a long time. I am so glad that I was hit with the reality of how blessed I am and maybe the reminder or idea for me to stop and take a look at the "bigger picture",which is actually a compilation of lots of little pictures, every so often will help keep a tiny bit of joy bubbling inside me. Hopefully it will allow me to be thankful and peace-filled too, as I see all God has done in my life. He truly is a good God. Between the digging in, the prayers I've said, the sharing and doing life with others and the snapshots you see of my family and that is more than enough proof to me that God is working all things for good in my life. I've done nothing to deserve His goodness, except accept I'm a sinner and believe in His Son, Jesus. And He just keeps making something beautiful of my life. Sometimes it's up to me to simply step back and take a look at the bigger picture. One day I look forward to seeing it all from Heaven's vantage point too!


Jody said...

One day later we've got a sick kid (Teague) again, Chip is working and away from home all weekend, tomorrow is Brock's 13th birthday which will be basically just another Saturday with cake, and I sit here wishing we had more things to be happy for in life. I'd even take easier over happy. But still I look for joy and peace. It's around here somewhere! I just wish it wasn't so few are far between. :)

Nuts in a Tree said...

Jody, I'm thinking about you. I am trying to think of witty and helpful words as I catch up on your last few posts, but that's all I have...our lives are full and beautiful (and often messy)...and someone is always missing from the family laughter and's our lives. God has blessed us with so much beyond the tragedy, but even almost 15 years later for myself the pain sometimes takes my breath away. Then we move along, see all the beautiful children and great husband...and chores, family dinners and life and we smile and move on. Wow for nothing to say that was a LOT! :) Hugs to you.


Anonymous said...

Hope that today was a good day for your family! Happy Bday to Brock! Just wanted to say I appreciate your honesty, quoted you about not doing much for God in this life but still He makes beautiful things of it, and enjoy listening to your music. Accept the fact that this life is difficult sometimes, and dont beat yourself up for feeling sucky! Then, look for one of your kids and hug 'em! God bless you, Jody!