Friday, August 19, 2011

What a difference a year makes!

Today our baby of the family turns one! We are so lucky to have such a happy, healthy, rambunctious one year old in our lives. Teague has always been loved by us, but in the past few months he has been able to give a lot of love right back. He's generally a content, but busy, little guy. He loves to play with all his siblings and he loves banging on the All-Clad pots in the kitchen too. He's been climbing up full flights of stairs for 3 months now and has been walking for nearly a month. He is curious and smart and has a love of puppies- even though we don't own a single pet. He has 6 teeth- and although he is great about eating a variety of vegetables most of those teeth like sweets just as much. =)

We have loved watching him become who he is already and look forward to watching him grow and change and become all God designed him to be from one til however old he gets!

Happy Birthday, to our dear Teague. Love and best wishes from your whole family!


Liz@Violet Posy said...

Happy Birthday to Teague, he's just so cute. Wishing you all a wonderful day :)

My name is Amee said...

Happy Happy Birtday Teague!! I hope you've had a Happy 1st Bday! I bet your Mama had you a cute bday cake!!
I hope y'all had a very happy enjoyable day spend with family & friends. :)
(Teague is such a cute little guy!)

Anonymous said...

He is the spitting image of Chip!!

Allison of A Farmgirl's View said...

What a blessing! what a cutie!May your sweet family have many more blessings this year!