Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happiness is...

Happiness is all around us. Somewhere. In someone or something or even in a dream we imagine no matter where we are or what we are going through. I have learned the secret of seeing or finding happiness. It's in being open to it. Looking for it. Wanting it. Aching for it. Being intentional about seeking it.

Suddenly, sometimes right in front or above or swirling around you, there it is.

Happiness was so evident when Crew got his hands into a new bucket of chalk and had a clear, blue sunny day to play with it on the driveway. Happiness rarely costs a thing, but at the same time you can't begin to put a price on it. It just is. It doesn't have conditions or strings attached or deadlines or hidden agendas.

My biggest problem with happiness?

It's me.

Far too often I miss it.

I miss seeing it.

I miss looking for it.

I want it packaged differently.

I want to make it happen my way.

Or the other person's way.

Or I just plain forget that it's even out there because clouds seem to get in my way, when in reality the clouds are the vehicle and tool leading me through or toward happiness.

I used to believe in a world where happiness was the guarantee. I used to believe that if you did everything right- or at least tried to do it all right- you'd find it or it would simply come to you. I have since grown and experienced the truth which is the reality that "right" isn't a guarantee for anything. It still is the best way to live and try to do things. But it isn't a shield or automatic "free card" for experiencing happiness.

In this month of reflection I find it even more important for me to look for the simple happiness in people and things around me.

Like laughter of kids in summer as they play chalk on the driveway.

Like the look of pride on Wyndham's face as she pedaled her bike on her own the other night after nearly a year of not being able to ride on it.

I see it in the sparkle of Teague's eyes as he tries something new- like opening a cupboard door and pulling out the containers stacked neatly inside the doors.

I see it in Bella and Ava when they ask for a "sleepover" and they hear the answer "yes" and then they smile as they head off to bed in the same room.

I sense it in Brock each time he gets to do something where he exercises independence. Even or should I say, especially in the little things- like getting a library card and riding his bike to check out some books.

I know it's there. Every day. In the big stuff; the little stuff; the amazing moments and equally in the mundane ones too.

I am choosing to claim it and embrace it daily right now. It might not change my world and they way I see things or change the way things are, but it changes a moment. Or two. Or three. And when I start noticing happiness the way it was meant to be experienced, I start to feel it in my heart. That, my friends, happens to be the place where happiness matters most.


Deb said...

I just love your posts! They take something that should be so obvious to me and bring it to life and give it meaning. You are so right, happiness is often sitting right in front of me, but I miss it by looking for something in the distance...hope happiness abounds for you today!

Allison of A Farmgirl's View said...

So true I am so thankful for this wonderful reminder to us all. God bless you and your's

Jennifer said...

Agree with above comments.


Elaine said...

Thank you for your honesty. I work hard everyday to see the beauty and joy around me. It is the days with the 'clouds' that I know I have to look even harder, those are the days I need to experience the happiness even more. Some days, as you know, are certainly easier than other days! Have a wonderful day, and, thanks again for sharing your journey!

BT Laurie said...

What a beautiful post! I too suffer from 'blindness' at times. You talked about ihappiness changing 'moments' and that doing right is no guarantee for happiness. Well said Jody. You encouraged me today!

Kristi said...

You are such a good writer. I FEEL your heart in your words and they always make a difference in my day. In your SPARE time (wink, wink) you should write a book. I would love to curl up and flip pages you have written. I know I would become a better mom and better person with the turn of every page. I am glad I happened upon this post on this rainy day.
Kristi Sikora-Blankenship