Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Keeping it simple.

If you've had any experience around children you know that all too often you give them things and toys and go all out- and then they prefer the box or the string that came wrapped around the package.

Teague is no different. He has been fussing the past few days as his first two teeth are starting to make their appearance. Nothing we bring to him to play with or suck on has made him happy for more than a minute or two. Until he got his hands on this empty water bottle. You would have thought by his reaction and attention to it that it was the latest, greatest toy to hit the market. I sometimes forget that less is more. It's a challenge to keep things picked up and tidy around here with as many kids and ages as we have in our home. Now that Teague is getting more adept at getting around I'm thinking it's the perfect time to scale back on stuff.

We did manage to get a family picture on Easter this past Sunday while our friend Rachael was with us. She knows more than most how much effort goes into even the simplest family photo. We aren't the most photogenic bunch, but I'm learning to be happy with any results just as long as we're all in the shot. Keep it simple. So much easier said than done, but I'm going to give it a try!

How about you? What sort of things do you do each week to simplify things in your home and with your family. I'd love to hear your favorite tips, techniques, shortcuts and whatever else works well for you! Please share!


My name is Amee said...

Teague is so handsome! I love your family pic too.
I'm with you too about simpler is better. :)
I try not to stress if everything is not just so (kitchen perfectly cleaned, living room spotless, etc) & just enjoy my family. There will always be cleaning to do! :)

Kristin Stegent said...

I am into the whole less is more and simplicity thing. Though, agreed, it's hard with lots of kids. My tip that I personally stick to at our house is something in something out. If anyone gets a new shirt, we pick an older one to give away. A new toy, an older one to give away. Etc. This keeps from clutter building. I am not a fan of clutter. ;)

Be the change... said...

Last night I literally donated 10 fat bags of clothes of mine and the boys to the YWCA Shelter. Great feeling, great cause. A person does not need so many mantra this last year is to scale down and live more simple. On my son's nursery we had the phrase "The Best Things in Life Are Not Things..." So true! Love the pictures and the lightness in your voice.

Anonymous said...

I buy the same brand of white socks so when it's time to match socks after the laundry - I don't have to find the perfect match - as there are plenty. Also at the beginning of the winter season I buy multiple pairs of the cheap $1 one size fits all and keep the extras in my drawer --- so if one gets lost - I can go get one from my stash. Purple for the girls, black for the boys.

Melissa said...

Omg.. He is so incredibly beautiful! Teague's skin is so creamy...

I am so impressed by your "family" load .. my hats is off to you..