Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Four months.

The past four months have literally felt like forever in some regards, and then I look at the photos of Teague and realize just how quickly they have flown by! He's not such a tiny baby anymore. He has definitely filled out in body size and we often comment about how he's our biggest kid and we wonder how big he'll be when he's all grown up. He is definitely the most easy-going little one of all the kids and he is so observant and wanting to see all the action that goes on around our house.
Crew is a wonderful big brother- even though in almost every other aspect of life he is demanding and overbearing. We're very thankful that he has such a soft spot toward Teague. Teague loves any and all attention and so the relationship between these two is growing almost as fast as Teague's body right now. =) I couldn't help but set Teague up in the orange Bumbo seat and snap some pictures of him- just as I had done with Crew at the same age. The comparison picture just makes me smile as I immediately see similarities and differences. It's so fun to be able to watch Teague's personality emerging a little bit more each day.
We love having him in our family and his laughter and curiosity and huggable-ness (I know that's not a word but I couldn't help myself.) and his cuteness are some of the best parts of our days right now. We feel lucky to have had him in our lives for 4 months already. We feel lucky to be the family to watch him grow and give him love.
I have a feeling the next four months are going to fly by even more quickly!


Jennifer said...

Four months old already. Wow!

Can see some the difference both boys!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jody, when you're talking about babies, huggable-ness is a word, as is squishyable, and other such good descriptives that the computer loves to underline with a red sqiggle! Your babies are super-adorable. Teague looks so very much like our 3.5 month-old grandson, Drew. We are also loving to see him develop and grow - along with his 2.5 and almost 5 year-old brothers. Time flies, and life is never more interesting or important than at this moment, so enjoy your babies. They are so so precious.

annie said...

they look like twins, with Crew favoring more toward Chip, and Teague favoring more toward you.

Nuts in a Tree said...

Adorable pics! I always think that when you post pics of Teague he looks just like Crew...but even though I'm not "officially" part of the family (lol) I do see differences in them when you put those pics side-by-side too. Thanks for sharing both those cuties (and all the rest) with us! Stay warm!

Rhonda :)

babyrndeb said...

so cute! I love the comparison photos...I'm sure those will bring back special memories.
Teague looks like such a content little guy.

Anonymous said...

You always post such cute pictures of your children! These two should be good buddies growing up since they're so close in age. What a blessing Teague must be for you all.

Thanks for sharing!!!

BT Laurie said...

adorable - thanks for sharing!