Monday, December 20, 2010

Happiness is buttercream today!

Today is my birthday. I have often wished that I didn't have a "Christmas birthday"because it is such a busy time of year and everyone is so focused on the upcoming holiday that it sort of gets lost in the shuffle. But today when Chip brought home a Coconut-covered frosted 3-layer Buttercream/bavarian cream cake, I didn't mind one bit. =)
It was delicious!
As I reflect on this past year I can honestly tell you it has had such highs and lows that I sort of feel I've aged more than just one year. (I am 38 now- for those of you who might be wondering.) The greatest joy has been the birth and addition of baby Teague- who is now 4 months old and just "found" his toes today. He started 'talking to them' when he woke up this morning. Totally kicked off my day in a good way. =) I love simple gifts and that was special for sure.
I am so very happy today for the health of all of my family- that is never a guarantee and something I took for granted far too many years. Now I know how wonderful it truly is just to have my husband and kids singing "Happy Birthday to you" and eating cake together around our table.
I will tell you that I do miss Teagan on special days like this more than I do on many other 'ordinary' days. I still recall so clearly the last birthday I shared with her on this day 10 years ago. She, along with Chip and Brock, came to the print shop where I was working doing graphic design layout work and they brought me a Chocolate Bread Pudding with real Whipped Cream and we dug in and enjoyed every last bite of that with my friends the Websters- who owned the shop. Later I got some gifts at home and took some pictures of Teagan that are very much treasures to me. I remember she gave some big hugs and kisses to me too!
I have learned in my 38 years, that the greatest gifts most often aren't things at all. But memories and sharing laughter with loved ones and simply being 'present in the moment' for sure. I loved my cake today, not just for its yummy icing, but moreso because it was shared with the people I care most about in this whole wide world. My birthday wish is to get to eat cake with them all for many years to come!


Anonymous said...

I have never left a comment before, but since there are no other comments so far I had to fill the emtiness to send you my warmest birthday wishes from across the world. I wish you all the best, God's richest blessings, joy, strengh and wisdom for your upcoming year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Lettie Mae
PS Every now and then I stop by your little place and so often I can relate to what you write, although I have lost my daughter under very different circumstances. Thank you for sharing your heart so openly.

My name is Amee said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JODY!!! I hope you have a wonderful day(sounds like it so far!)! I love reading your blog!!:) Hugs to you..

Cheryl said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you!

With Hope,

Heather from Ontario Canada said...

The bestest most happiest birthday wishes are coming your way :)

babyrndeb said...

family is the bestest gift!!
Your cake looked yummy and for some reason the picture of you blowing out the candles with Wyndham and Teague in it made me smile - something about the way Teague was just staring off in to space.
Happy Birthday to you!!

Lauren said...

SO sweet!!! So glad you had a wonderful birthday!!!! :)

Stacy said...

happy birthday sweet Jody. many wishes for a much smoother ,happy and healthy year ahead

Keshet said...

Happy birthday! So glad it was a good day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday! :)