Saturday, October 02, 2010

She picked orange.

Wyndham came home from the hospital yesterday. Just under 48 hours after surgery. We never expected her to do so well, but she was taking her pain medication without incident, so her doctor gave her the green light. I have to say that we were not prepared for such a good response from her. Typically she is extremely sensitive when it comes to nausea and medication, but I know there were so many of you praying for her that it shouldn't have been such a surprise that she came out of this surgery so well.
As you can see, Wyndham picked orange for her cast color. It's her favorite color. The surgeon said she was ready for Halloween and hunting opener. =) We are settling in as best we can- considering there is a 2-year old and a newborn in our house too. There is a lot of activity and not a whole lot of 'safe' places for Wyndham to spend her time. She has to be moved by Chip and can sit up in her wheelchair, or be in her bed or on the couch. I have a feeling that the next couple of months are going to feel long for all of us. Just trying to change diapers and figure out things like bathing and teeth brushing are presenting small challenges. Your prayers for our patience and stress to be kept to a minimum are appreciated.
I also have a feeling that once this ordeal is all over, we will be thrilled to have "normal" back. It will feel extraordinary!


Anonymous said...

God Bless you, Wyndham. Love your orange leggies - forget hunting season --- GO BEARS !!!
Glad to hear you are doing so well - what a strong girl you are! Good luck with your recovery - we are praying for you in Chicago!
Blessings to you all,

Cheryl said...

What a blessing that she is doing so well :)

Orange has always been my favorite color and my bedroom was orange growing up. My daughter took after me and her bedroom is orange too...and it just happens that when we moved about 15 years ago it is the color of our town's sports teams :))) Go Wyndham! We are all for orange.

It is such a happy color and is sure to chase the doldrums away :) It is probably a blessing that you are busy and that there is activity in some ways...hopefully it will make time seem to go by quicker and before you know it, things will be back to "normal" :)

With Hope,

Mary Panni said...

Oh orange is my fav color too! Glad she is doin well!!! We are praying for you down here in South Mississippi!! P.S. We are Auburn University fans, so a big WAR EAGLE to ya!!!

Veronica said...

Orange is such a cheerful colour, and perfect choice for this time of year! God bless you and your family over the next few months as you tend to Wyndham's needs and the rest of your gang as well.