Wednesday, September 01, 2010

How we "do it"...

Ava has it all figured out for us. She said to me a couple of days ago (after I must have asked her to clean something or help me with something around the house), "Mom, we should get some servants so you don't have to do so much work around here". I don't know that we need full-time servants, but I do wish we lived closer to our families so we could 'employ' their help a bit more! =)
Teague has been so easy and content so far. I can't complain about him as a newborn one bit. I don't know if he's such an easy baby- or if Chip and I simply have babies all figured out after having so many. Either way, I've been feeling good (other than occasional bouts of itching arms) although some days I am more worn out by the time bedtime arrives, and I've also sometimes wished that Chip had a 9 to 5 job. It would be nice to have two parents around at dinnertime and bedtime!
Crew has still been the handful around here. He fights his naps almost everyday and goodness knows he needs one... and I need him to take one yet! He has hardly noticed that he has a new baby brother, but does love to take turns holding him when the other kids show interest in Teague. It won't be until Teague starts rolling over and looking for trouble himself that I think Crew will finally realize what is going on- there's a new guy in town! =)
So, I get asked a lot, "How do you do it?!" or "You must be Superwoman!". The truth is I'm a lot more like Roseanne Barr in her tv sitcom than I am Superwoman on any given day. I do have semi-high standards though when it comes to certain home-keeping chores- like getting beds made each day and staying on top of the laundry. I definitely find myself 'begging' the kids to help out and do their part more. They just don't have the sense of obligation or urgency about keeping things picked up that I do. But they are learning.
When it comes to doing extra activities like baking or scrapping, well, those things become the "activity" for everyone to do- even Crew was coloring and playing with paper scraps while the girls and I scrapped last week. We had the dining room table covered with stuff and everyone was having fun being creative together. The hard part was getting the table cleared off everytime we needed to eat a meal. =)
I'm trying to not be so hard on myself if things don't get done- like the dishwasher being emptied every night, and I also rely on Chip for certain things- like bringing home gallons of milk and bread and bananas from the grocery store every few days. We also sacrifice a lot of things that some people consider normal or routine in their weekly schedule, such as going to movies or out with friends or each other. I think one of the things that keeps us going too, is to remember that this is a season in life. It will actually be gone before we know it, and so I try to just take it in and recognize that these are the days I will wish back sometime down the road. Babyhood and toddlerhood don't last forever.
That helps me get through the days... and makes me want to hang onto certain moments all at the same time. That's {in a nutshell} how we do it around here. =)


Jessica said...

Sounds like our house, plus a few more little ones. Someday this season will be over, no more diapers and midnight feedings. No more rocking babes in the middle of the night and toys underfoot in the dark. The piles of laundry won't be as high. And I think somedays it will be painfully quiet. So I am enjoying the mess and the mayhem while I can.

We probably all have parts of us that resemble Rosanne more than we like to admit :)

hacollins said...

Anytime you want a time to go out, and I'm home- give me a call! :] I 'd love to hang out with your family somtime SOON!! :]

Sarah L said...

Barely... that's how we do it most days!
Having a 16 year old and a 6 year old, I do kinda, every now and then miss having babies around. A little bit. I am trying so hard to cherish this season and not look too much into the future of traveling and vacations that I want to go on! :-)
My significant other is also a golf pro at a course here in Arizona. They will be overseeding soon (closed for 2 weeks) and then the busy season begins here. I am with you... sometimes I would LOVE for him to have a job with normal hours, normal vacations!
I think you are amazing. No matter how you do it!

babyrndeb said...

you, my friend, are a very wise to know that this is just a really does go by fast. I can say that now that all of mine are grown and in college...oh, I remember those crazy busy days - but they go by so fast so just try to soak it all in. Your little family is so cute...and hey, servants may not be such a bad idea after all.
PS - I still struggle with not having everything done...but who notices the dishwasher anyways???

Lauren said...

Ava might be on to something!!! :)

Striving 4 Balance said...

I feel ya on the wish my husband had a 9 to 5 job...with my husband working at the golf course also...I know that the college/high school kids are going back to school which means less help in the pro shop which means longer hours for that sense I am looking forward to winter! Its so nice to read that you are enjoy every great moment and not stressing about the little crazy things!

Keshka said...

Love this post--really intersting and true! But then again, servants never hurt anyone:)

Anonymous said...

This is the "season" of LOOOONNGGG days and short years! Having been will go way too quickly and then it will be "just" you and Chip!!! I love your attitude btw!!!