Saturday, June 12, 2010

What's not to love about summer!

The first full week of our summer is coming to a close. It's been simple and exhausting and wonderful- all at the same time. I love having the kids on their 'new bedtime schedule'- which is staying up later and sleeping in until around 8am or later too. They all like breakfast at a leisure pace- which is nice for me! But the rest of the day can come with demands, or meltdowns, or humidty and temps that make it hard to decide what to eat for dinner. Much less make it!
I haven't been the perfect mom and they haven't been the perfect kids, but we've managed to enjoy some simple joys of summer nonetheless.
Including homemade fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches... yum! The swingset is getting some use, as is the sprinkler, little pool and squirt guns too. Chip made a quick trip to the local farmer's market today and the strawberries seem to already be at their peak- they are big, red, juicy and delicious!
Wyndham had one more surgical consult for her upcoming double-foot realignment surgery scheduled for Sept. 29th. It went well and her doctor seems very confident in his skills and how we can hope the outcome to be. So, for now we are just going to enjoy the fun, simple things of summer, and not think too much about what lies just ahead. Afterall, what makes for fun is living in it and enjoying it as it happens. It means licking the ice cream around the edge of your cookie sandwich before it melts and drips down your chin. It's about taking in the little details and turning them into great memories.
That's what we love about summer! Hopefully we'll have lots more fun and photos to share as the next couple of months unfold. And for the record... we all highly recommend fresh-baked chocolate chip ice cream cookie sandwiches!


Ioana said...

oh my goodness, every time i see you photos of baked goodes i want to be just as good as you in the kitchen when i grow up. they always look sooo amazing:) you have skillz:D

Deb said...

Those treats look almost as beautiful as your kids! You are so right, what's not to love! Enjoy these kids before they grow up on you! Have fun making memories.

Karey said...

Hoping you post the chocolate chip cookie recipe. I have looked for a recipe that does fall. Yours look nice and thick.
Tried one on a site that had you melt the butter and whip it for about 8 min. Such a downer when there was no diffence in them.
Glad you all are enjoying your summer. We just finished bible school, so I get to sleep in this coming week.

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Love, love, love summer!! And, I'm with you. It's about slowing down and enjoying the details...the moments of life, as they are happening. So important not to miss soak it in and enjoy the moments we are given with those we love. And, to laugh deep belly giggles with our it! cream and cookies helps, too!!

Lauren Kelly said...

So sweet!! Love the pics!! Happy summer!! :)

April said...

YUM!!! Now I am craving Ice Cream Sandwiches... I mean I would love to make these for my children. Any chance of getting your recipe? My cookies come out too thin to make good ice cream sandwiches.

Anonymous said...

I will say special prayers for Wyndham's successful surgery and recovery. I hope it is as pain free as it can possibly be. God Bless Wyndham.
rd in tx