Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another busy week!

I didn't realize I missed blogging all week long. I'm sure most of you are just as busy as I am so you probably didn't notice either!
Brock, Bell and Ava had day camp at our local YMCA Monday through Friday. They loved it and were worn out when they got home every day. I was worn out from packing 15 lunches by Friday and keeping up with washing and drying their swimsuits and towels in time for the next morning. Ava neglected to tell me that she got bubblegum in her hair one day and so the next morning when I went to braid her hair I got quite a surprise. I will say that I was fully expecting her to have to get a major haircut. However, the canola oil in my baking cupboard along with a large dose of shampoo, conditioner and patience was almost enough to get it all out. I think she learned a very important life lesson. And I am hoping we never have to repeat it around here! =)
We also did a bit of re-arranging of beds and now have Bella and Ava sharing a room in order to make way for baby #7. SO far all the kids have had their own space and it's worked out well. But they seem to be adjusting to it and even liking it a lot at certain times. Like from 8 til 10 pm at night! I have high hopes that by the time we welcome this next addition everyone will be very comfortable in their new spots and I will be the only one having a hard time getting enough sleep. But I won't stop and think about that too long... or it will wear me out and we still have some more busy weeks of summer ahead of us to enjoy. I hope you do too!!


Lauren Kelly said...

Sweet pictures!!!! :)

Mary Ellen said...

You can also use peanut butter on gum in hair or carpet.

Jody said...

I was ready to resort to peanut butter, Mary Ellen. But we like it best on our toast and in sandwiches! I didn't want to waste it in hair. =)