Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I just got an extra hour in my day!

Hello Blog-readers, family and friends. It's been too long! Wyndham's therapy sessions got cut short by an hour later today, so I feel like I have a bonus hour in my day. The first thing I thought of doing when I got my "free time" was to check in here and write a new post. Aren't you lucky to be at the top of my list when life finally gives me a little breathing room?! Hooray for a little, unexpected breathing room. And I can tell you, I needed it today!!
Life here has been nothing short of busy. The weather has been very spring-like, which means Chip puts in long hours at the golf club getting new leagues in play and keeping the members as happy as he can. I feel like a single mom a lot of the time- and by bedtime the kids often take advantage of me being far-outnumbered and worn down too. They are definitely keeping me on my toes. From the extra playtime and suprevision they demand when we play outdoors, to added activities- like run-club at school a couple of days a week, and the need for more baths. There just isn't enough "me" to spend time blogging and documenting our busyness. There is even less time for me to have anything inspirational or insightful to share. I'm out of material- and energy most of the time. So those are some of my 'excuses' for not being as visible and vocal at Nitty.Gritty. lately. You are always welcome to go back and re-read the archives. I think I was more exciting and interesting back then anyway. =)
The photos posted today are some I took during a 5-minute photoshoot with Ava two days ago. I bribed her with a piece of candy and she in turn gave me looks spanning from pensive to dramatic to just plain silly. I love the age she is at right now when her personality comes out in such a spontaneous way. She can be a handful and very demanding at times. But at other times she is just "her" and I think she believes that all the world is her stage. =) In a few of the pictures she poured on the charm- pretending to sing for a large audience. As you can see, she was putting her whole heart into it... and then laughing about it as she knew just how fun that might actually be to sing for a giant crowd.
Somedays I wish I was more like my kids- not letting my surroundings stifle who I feel I am at heart. I wish I were more spontaneous with laughter and fun and silly- instead of concerned about bedtime routines and staying on top of the grocery shopping lists. Now that I actually have a free extra minutes in my day today, I think it's the perfect time to do something random and fun. I'm just not quite sure what it will be. No matter what it turns out to be, I have a feeling it's going to make me feel a little bit more alive inside. And that's always a very good thing if you ask me. Here's to finding even something small in your day in which you can celebrate life and the simple joy it contains. I've been missing that!!


Lauren Kelly said...

Those pictures are beyond precious!! Glad ya'll are doing well!!

nikki peterson said...

what a doll. glad to hear the pregnancy is going well. you look great. btw, dallas is sleeping 6 hrs most nights but i'm trying to not get used to it as everyone tells me it will change at 3 months old... we'll see.

Wish I Might said...

SO cute! What did you use for a background?

sanjeet said...

great pic
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