Thursday, April 01, 2010

Happy Birthday to Chip!

Here's wishing my hubby a truly wonderful birthday today as he celebrates turning 42. (I don't think he minds that you know his age.) I wish he could get a big hug from every one of his kids, and I'm sure that would be his wish too.
Still, I have to let him know that he is loved by me and so many others.
I feel lucky to be the one in his life to walk life's up and downs and to enjoy special moments together and feel even more fortunate that he's still by my side- we've had some close calls! I wish him many more years of happiness, success, overcoming challenges and just a lot of good things. He's nothing short of an amazing dad and husband. He does more than his share in life and has one of the biggest {sometimes most competitive!} hearts I know. He calls it passion. =) I'm so glad he embraces life the way he does. It makes it better and often times more fun for those of us around him.
Here's to you, Chip!
Happy, happy birthday from me and all the loves of your heart. xoxo


Cathy said...

Happy Birthday Chip! I know you will "celebrate" in style with your wonderful wife and family.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Lauren Kelly said...

So sweet!!! Happy Birthday Chip!!! :)

Marie said...

Happy Birthday Chip! You gave so much to our son Eric...I will always keep you in my prayers.

Diane Dolan said...

Happy Birthday, Chip. You guys sure have had a lot of birthdays lately. I guess Spring is a good season for your family.